03 August 2013

magical lingerie moments with dita von teese

If you've been following me for a lil bit, you'll have noticed I'm a huge lingerie addict. (Like I need another expensive material obsession when I run both a fashion and a beauty blog!) Lingerie Fashion Week, CurveExpo and Lingerie Collective are all happening right now, so many of my lingerie blogger friends (and designer obsessions!) are showing in New York this week. It's so fun to finally meet people I talk to on a pretty much daily basis and even more to do so while we all mutually fangirl beautiful lingerie.

Lingerie is seen often see as this kind of intimidating, luxury expense you only buy to look good for your partner but I like to see it as a way of worshipping yourself and your body. I don't think you need or should seek other people's validation when it comes to clothes in general, especially something often private like lingerie! If it makes you feel good and powerful it's worth it, any sexy times that may result are just added benefits. Honestly, buying a quality set for myself was one of the best decisions I made for my self image, because even if you're single you can just walk around the house in it, dancing to Beyonce (I made this playlist for this exact purpose) and have a great time. It's pure self care.

But anyway. I wanted to share with you some moments from Lingerie Fashion Week Day 2, specifically the Secrets in Lace / Dita Von Teese Runway Presentation. I've been going to NYFW for going on five years now (so literally many dozens of shows) but I can count the number of shows that have really inspired and impressed me and made me super excited about fashion on both hands. This was one of them.

(This video isn't actually upside down, just click, you'll be happy you did.)

Took all of these stuff on my phone, so I apologies it's not crispy clean DSLR perfection. Didn't want to lug it around. You can expect more coverage from LFW and the other lingerie events I'll be attending on my Instagram & Tumblr for live coverage, and more in depth round ups and interviews with designers & brands & my outfits from each day here on a near-daily or daily basis, I'll see what I can manage! Check back soon. Much love.