29 November 2012

room for a queen

Got this amazing jacket a few months ago (at Goodwill! SCORE) but I'm only just now wearing it out. The day before I came across it I was obsessing over a F/W collection on style.com, which had similar jacket details, but now I totally forget the designer! Does it remind you of any collection? Maybe you'll have an idea which I'm talking about. It kind of reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana FW 2012 (the baroque collection).

 Anyway, it's the perfect evening jacket, isn't it? This was the only picture we got in the living room so to show the full detail of the jacket the picture below exists, I just 'shopped myself in front of this castle. I mean, my house. I didn't tell you I was a princess hmm? Must have slipped my mind. 

I think the next time I take pictures in this jacket -- and believe me, you'll probably get tired of seeing me in it -- I'm going to go all out with a crown of braids (I would have done it this time but I couldn't find any bobby pins) or some regal waves and wine red lips. I'm sure they'lll go well with such a regal jacket. Still can't believe I got it at Goodwill for like, $15. 

Hope you're well and happy and whole,



Maren said...

that jacket is AMAZING! i love the collar!


Girl with the most cake said...

you look so happy! :3 also oh my god 10 posts in one month - i honestly thought you'd post 8 tops but you just keep writing and man do i love reading your stuff <3

Matilda said...

the jacket looks amazing!

Lydia said...

That jacket is incredible. I love the shoulders.

Miriam. said...

What a find!! Sadly, we dont have too many thrift stores here in the uk... But you're right, it is a little like the D&G collection! Very royal ;)


Anonymous said...
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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

The coat is super chic! x


Anonymous said...
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onotherskin said...

great jacket! looking forward to see it again :)

Else Dekkers said...

Omg such a nice coat!

Ur such a pretty girl and you give me inspiration, for which I thank you!

my blog: www.whatelsee.wordpress.com


thefashionserf said...

Loooooove it! SUCH a good thrift find.

Maria Nichole

Hannah Materne said...

I love the beading and detailing! such a good find! xx

Anonymous said...

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