19 November 2012

and then we caught pneumonia

Massiel is basically my blog photographer now, ahaha. It's nice to have someone to dress up with and collaborate with on a frequent basis! Mixed fashion gurls 4ever. 

I have a goal to have 10 pieces of Comme des Garcons before I'm 25, and this jacket marks the 5th piece. I dunno, it's just something to work towards, you know? It keeps me on track in regards to savings and buying my yearly CDG piece makes me feel motivated.  I'm so happy I got this jacket (and at 30% off on Ebay), I'd been staring at it for probably a month once I found it and it goes very well with my other Comme items. It's from F/W 2010, which I gushed a little about on my new tumblr. 

Yes, I'm back on tumblr. Jazz hands? 

On Massiel: Betsey Johnson black dress, Metamorphose blazer, my shoes (seen here). 
On me: Comme des Garcons FW2010 cropped jacket, Comme des Garcons FW2008 Cage Dress (seen here and here), Feminine & Masculine Shoes c/o (also seen here). 

You can see our individual outfits here. Massiel. Me. But you can also just click any of these photos, they'll enlarge. 

We spent a few hours playing dressup, you'll see the other outfits in other posts later this week probably. See ya.