26 November 2012

it's not supposed to be pretty

I got this school uniform at Goodwill the last time I visited (and scored some amazing shoes too, if you follow me on instagram you'll know which ones) because it just strikes me as just the right amount of ugly. In middle school, I had to wear school uniforms and I absolutely loathed it, but now I'm glad I can still fit into them (?!) because they go really well with the awkward school goth whatever look I enjoy so much. I look short and my dad says I look hasidic. I see nothing wrong with this, so like, whatever.

I am wearing a Comme des Garcons FW2010 jacket, French Toast Skirt Overall, Vintage Blouse, Zana Bayne harness, and Feminine/Masculine shoes c/o. Lipstick is PBCO. As always, click to enlarge the photos.