04 November 2012

Lingerie Sunday: Made by Noemi "At Pirate Sea"

Since I have deleted my tumblr*, I decided Magical Lingerie Hour will have to live on in other ways. So I have a lingerie pinterest, and I'll be doing a Lingerie Sunday post whenever I feel like it.
glitter pictures
For the uninitiated, Magical Lingerie Hour on tumblr was me posting my favorite lingerie-related images, favorite lingerie sales, reviews, and spontaneous giveaways of lingerie to my followers for an hour late at night whenever the mood struck. I'm very fond of lingerie and the lingerie blogging community and it was fun to celebrate femme-ness while de-stigmatizing the idea of lingerie just as this sexual thing you put on for other people. I think lingerie is a really wonderful method of self-care and appreciation no matter who wears it and buying a cute set and parading around the house in it always makes my day, night, or whenever. For a lot of girls (and dudes! and people who don't identify as either!) I know that underwear can be a really boring thing you buy when nobody else is looking just to get it over with but I like to treat it as a reward and make a ceremony out of femmeness.

Both illustrations are from this blogpost on Ching Shih.
So! For this edition of lingerie Sunday I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and introduce you to a new collection I'm obsessed with for obvious reasons: it involves asian pirates, bad bitches, and lingerie. Made by Noemi's new collection "At Pirate Sea"  was inspired by an Asian pirate named Ching Shih.

She was originally a prostitute but she married a pirate captain, and when he died she took over his role, married his son and made him captain . She lead 1800 ships and more than 80,000 pirates were under her command. She was fearless and disciplined her men with strict rules and castrated any man who would commit rape. Thus, a bad bitch of the utmost extent. I love her.


Noemi describes this collection not as a direct (and predictable) interpretation of a pirate lifestyle, but as something deeper inspired by the toughness of the job and something earthbound. "For the collection I wanted to avoid the classical pirate wine-red-corsett-with-puffy-white-shirt feeling and instead go deeper into the dirty rotten sea colors. I don’t imagine the life on board as glamorous but rather tough and humid. The palette for the collection spins around earth colors and the materials mixed between heavier velvet and delicate mesh and lace."


I really like her interpretation, it's feminine but in a very wearable and comfortable way. You don't have to like lots of lace and froufrou to be into lingerie, and I think this collection represents that wonderfully and makes something that is at once both really pretty and really comfortable to wear. 


All above items available here, photography by Ceen Wahren.


So that concludes the first post of Lingerie Sunday. I'll be conducting interviews of my favorite lingerie bloggers & designers & other things in future posts, including sales and giveaways. What is your fav lingerie brand, if you have one?  


Juli said...

What a fantastic post. I really enjoyed when you said that you don't have to be into all the frou-frou to enjoy lingerie, personally I don't mind getting frilly with it but I do think there can be a preconception about lingerie that it is all like that. This collection is beautiful, I really loved the explaination behind the colours and fabrics.


Ana said...

Aw, I had your "if you wanna read more about feminism i will help you" post bookmarked.

What shall I do now D: ?

comfortable designer lingerie said...

hey!fabulous clicks indeed! The Lingerie you wore is the perfect blend of color and fabric. I admire your knowledge on fashion.

Ria said...

Who even knew that there were lingerie bloggers?! Wow, there's a blog for everything. Can't wait to peruse this collection. The tab is open and I'm hoping it's affordable.

Ginger said...

jesus. a pirate queen lingerie line is basically my dream. ugh, so good.

I love lingerie in general but try not to get too brand-specific cause I can't afford the stuff I'd obsess over.

but longline bras/high-waisted underpants/garter belts/stockings are so exquisite I would do some violence/and or thievery for a good set (this is hyperbole, but only a little).

also, the other day in my costume design class we were sharing our "ten style rules" and one person said "no wearing bras as shirts" and I imagined you screaming UNDERWEAR AS OUTWEAR FOREVER and strutting out of the room.

melina bee said...

I like this new focus on lingerie. I like the bralettes with the green fabric a lot.
My favorite designers are Agent Provacateur and Chantelle Thomas

Cristy said...

The blue set is pretty; I'd wear it!

I don't have any favorite lingerie brands, since I can't afford to spend much on it. I just buy whatever's cute/pretty and affordable.

Anonymous said...

you inserted an asterisk after you mentioned "Since I deleted my tumblr" so I went mad scrolling up and down for a continuation or explanation of some sort? Why did you delete your tumblr? It was one of my favorites! You mentioned being grossed out by the internet at some point but neglected to mention exactly what prompted you to go and delete yours. Very odd...

Arabelle said...

oh, i forgot the explanation cuz i keep on drafting posts about it. honestly i just got tired of the tumblr community not respecting my wishes regarding being left alone. i was getting hundreds of messages a day / week etc and it was really stressful to deal with on top of my anxiety and depression, to try to deal with so many others. it's just a volatile community when you get a certain amount of readership. i wanted to be left alone to blog as a form of self care and no one was listening to i stopped blogging.

Anonymous said...

That totally makes sense and I respect your decision. I hope everyone else does also!

Take care, Arabelle! We love you and care about you.

Ana said...

Well, looking forward to that post whenever you publish it - I enjoy the way you express your thoughts, whatever they may be. It always gives me food for thought.

Linda said...

The blue velvet set just makes my heart met into a pool of perpetual sexyness.
Great post Arabelle!

totoro said...

Damn girl. I just found my inner lingerie-lover again. I've been looking everywhere and still can't find anything but sports bras/nursing bras/boring bras in my size, which is 30F. HELP. :(

(and anyone who goes jealous --- they hurt so much I'm really saving money for a surgery.)

cheap lingerie said...

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