17 February 2012

proenza and cotton candy and jesus imitations

So this is what I wore the last day I went to shows during Fashion Week, and to Tavi's Cadaver Screening/Party.  Recognize that print? YES YOU DO. Or you should, it's from Proenza Schouler's best collection. (We're not going to mention this season ok? I was gagging when I saw the pictures.) 

Rent the Runway & Krupp Group were gracious enough to offer to dress me for the night, and I used the credit they offered me to rent one of their dresses instead to buy this on sale. It's actually a drop waist dress but I know my body shape and decided to belt it into something more fitting my petite stature and I love it so much. The texture is remarkable. I think I'll get it tailored to the shape I want eventually but belting it is easy enough  (read: doesn't cost me a penny).

Since this post is also going to include me rubbing a shoe orgasmically and pictures where I look high as fuck (I was high... ON LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!) I will be putting the rest of the pictures after a cut. They're worth the click, I promise. 

PANTHER GIVENCHY GLASSES YA'LL. So good, I want them so bad. Borrowed them from Meagan along with the Proenza necklace. Her wardrobe is to kill for -- she has the best ebay skills on the planet. Luckily we have pretty much the same prescription so wearing these to the party wasn't a problem. ANYWAY, I need to show you my nails bc they are integral to the outfit:

Palm trees that look like weed from far away! Intense! I'm mentioning weed a lot in this post huh. Whatever. Anyway, enjoy these parting photos where I am inappropriately cradling Meagan's Rodarte shoes, and also being stereotypically asian with my peace signs. 


Now, in this gem of a photograph I am apparently doing my best impression of Adam reaching out to touch God's hand. No, I'm just really drunk and discussing how great the DJ was with everyone after an hours long dance a thon with Claire, Nicolette, and company. Bloggers make the best dance partners. Best. Night. Ever. 


Lydia said...

There are so many amazingly scored pieces in this post, it's killing me. Why am I not obsessively ebaying??? And what a lucky deal on that dress!!! I'd be hyperventilating.

Carine Wight said...

love love love the glasses, I don't even wear glasses, yet I own 5 pairs, I think I might need a pair like these

Sasha Lane said...

I'm obsessed with your sweater! I looks kind of cropped...could it be? Haha

Ria said...

LOVE THE GIF! Love that photo of you in the glasses. They are so epic, I found myself staring when I saw them in person.

anna said...

the picture of you with the candyfloss is just amazing!

Magnet said...

Yes.. that Proenza collection was without a doubt the best one, it's actually one of my favourite collections ever, in general. I'm so jealous that you have that dress, damn.. you are one lucky lady.

little moon lover said...

I'm going crazy over those glasses!!

perridactyl said...

I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog from some time now.
You're awesome! I love your style :)
Keep up the great work and thanks for inspiring us~

Eve said...

I want your hair.

~ Faith said...

The whole look is tickling my brain. I like it!


murphy is not cool said...

wow your outfits are lovely! and i adore your nails!x

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Bob Smith said...

Thanks a lot for posting articles on this blog site. The photos are very good.

Amy said...

Love that dress so hard. Pretty, pretty, pretty!