12 February 2012

rachel antonoff, cute cats, and horcruxes

Low key day today -- brunch with Lucrecia, then chill time with Kristin (all lesbian gossip, all the time) & a quick visit into Rafael Cennamo's presentation which was lovely and I wish I had beauty pictures of it for future reference. Here is an instagram of it, though. So pretty! Might drop by for a showroom appointment to spend more time admiring the details. 

Then we met up with Tavi and caught up and headed down to Rachel Antonoff, where it was like EVERYONE I LOVE IN ONE PLACE!! So many friends I'm not gonna spend 304924 minutes naming them. But it was so, so great and the music was great -- the Drive soundtrack -- and there was a CAT and also ADORABLE CHILDREN and A REALLY CUTE CAT and all the clothes reminded me of my favorite lady and it was just so lovely I don't even mind that my feet still hurt like hell. It was such a cute collection -- when does Antonoff ever disappoint? I was ogling the creepers and the sweatshirt in particular. Love. 

It's days like these that make me happy to be doing that I'm doing. Some Rookie readers and also blog readers said hi at the tents (HIIIIII sorry I couldn't stay longer but it was such a pleasure to meet you all!!♥) too and it just made me feel validated to be among people I care about and have known for a long time and surrounded by clothes that have so much care and thought put into them. Going to sleep with a smile on my face knowing I get to do this tomorrow, too. :')