03 February 2012

the state of fashion blogging.

I recorded this a little over a week ago, but you can probably tell by the tenor of my posts that it's been kicking around in my head for awhile. I don't know, it's scary to put this out there -- but I had to. It feels honest.


Isabel said...

THANK YOU. I felt like I was drifting away for so long, not really caring what other bloggers wore anymore because it seemed so bland, not even about personal style anymore just "How I Wore This Trend Today." Blah. We need people like you to articulate all these important thought/words. Did you see my blog post/Toronto Standard article "Why Fashion Blogging Smells Like Raw Fish?" I think that was a step towards creating a public conversation.

meagan said...

@Isabel agreed! It seems like the only substantiative conversation about fashion blogging that ever takes places is how to work with brands! and how to drive traffic to your site! and NOT any discussion about how a craft that at it's best is pure and democratizing, but nowadays is adcopy and samey-ness.

not to be a debbie downer, but really, what can be done about this? I can't help but feel completely helpless.

mouse said...

great video. i think your blog should be your blog regardless of whatever niche it occupies.

Arabelle said...

yeah isabel of course i did, it got me thinking about all of this in the first place!!

Juli said...

Thank you so much for making this video, I totally agree with you.
It makes me so sad to see the way a lot of fashion blogs have gone, it doesn't feel so much like people are sharing their outfits anymore so much as they're almost boasting about all the things they've been given? That's how it feels when I see it anyway. It takes away all that relatability like you said, they don't seem approachable and when post after post is just talking about super expensive products and 'must have' items it just seems... off to me.
I think the thing I really miss most about fashion blogging as it used to be was people being able to share their unique personal style, just whatever they wore that day. I felt like in the earlier days we were all kind of losers you know? I guess what I mean by that is it wasn't about being glossy or having the must have item, it was just about doing your own thing, a lot of DIY, being proud to be different.
In a way I feel like fashion blogging might go back to being more like that in the future with more people being disillusioned with the way things are and actively trying to encourage that more personal feel again. I'd love if that did happen!

Sorry for rambling so much.


Narita said...
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Isabel said...

Sweet!! Mad props for helping to start this very important conversation that needs to be had right now. I hope other people post their feelings/experiences on this topic too.

I still skim over fashion blogs, but I really like reading xojane, Emily and Cat are such bomb ass ladies. WE NEED MORE BOMB ASS LADIES! (Like you.)

Prince Cherr said...

@Isabel I totally agree! It's so sad how the amount of original and unique blogs is so little compared to the more commercial blogs that are all the same. Its so inspiring to read blogs that are from the heart and are truly unique, because you know that they're not for the money or getting more followers so they can be blog-famous; they're actually talking what they're passionate about and just want to share it.
I hope more people speak up about this and something can change. :)

Emilie said...

What you're saying, on some level, is definitely valid. I think it's sometimes frustrating, as an eighteen year old who is interested in defining my own personal style and look, to see blogs like the ones you are describing in that there is a professional quality that makes them almost fake and difficult to relate to. At the same time, it doesn't mean I don't think the clothes are cool. So I'm torn. I agree with what you're saying, but I also think there can be room for variety. On the most simplistic level, I see photos that get me excited about clothing and design and a certain aesthetic, and that's that, regardless. This stuff comes from all kinds of places, but I don't attempt to emulate anyone else. I already have certain things in mind and I am drawn to blogs that echo but build on things I'm already interested in. If this makes any sense. Basically I agree and disagree at the same time..?

Tessa G. said...

I agree with you. Fashion is something that has always been important to me, but almost in a way that when I go out I 'Feel' like people expect me to be wearing something offbeat or funky, which is awesome, but you're SO RIGHT about personal style changing on a constant basis. I do change week to week, day to day, and my style has ALWAYS been reflective of that, as well as those days when I feel extremely feminine versus more masculine. I also go in waves of how much I care about fashion/how much I write about it. I often write about it when something really excites me, if it's not genuine, I just can't do it.

It also just drives me nuts when people go after the same kind of styles that successful bloggers take. Blog writing is about you and your thoughts, not trying to mimic others looks and feelings about those looks. You can tell who is writing about fashion because they've loved it for the greater half of their life, and those who are thrust into it and feel obligated to make it "photoshoot-y"

Anonymous said...

hi i like your lipstick and i was going to say something smarter but you said it all. wuwuwuwu

Laura. said...

(I saw knitting while watching this, which I think you'd like)

A lot of what you say really hit home with me.
I have been blogging for a fair few years but have never 'took off' in a sense of seeing lots of traffic etc.
And I genuinely think sometimes it is because i wrote about fashion. actual fashion shows etc
I never see that I just see... well here is a picture of me and some totally unrelated copy about what I did today.
i dunno I kind don't get how people say they are interested in fashion and then show now actual drive to dissect it?
I asked people what they like about blogs and they said they wanted to get to know a little piece of me. So I have made it a point to talk about other important things in my life - music etc.

I do get that this super glossy photography is so unattainable. I just took mine in the garden in -3 weather while the builders were looking at me weird over the fence. hahah

Laura. said...

I was knitting * - I was obviously doing it while typing. DOH

Kailey said...

Oh my goodness, this video is SO good. You have such a way with words - you are so eloquent and have found this wonderful way of being able to express what you really feel (to contrast, whenever I "write" posts, comments, or anything really, I feel like I am not able to get my point across in the way I would like, and end up feeling flustered and or embarrassed).

I only began blogging in August (and haven't yet mustered up the courage to post an "outfit post" of my own), and I feel like I was off wasting time on Livejournal and that sort of thing for so long, I missed out on these golden years of blogging and I'm really sad I wasn't able to become a part of that.

Meanwhile, I think your story from when you were younger is incredibly inspiring and sweet, and think we should start a petition for you to become the next companion!~~ (now that Amy is leaving we need somebody to replace the fabulousness that will be missing)

As for my favorite bloggers right now, besides you, I definity think Isabel's blog is something special, along with these:


Keep doing what you're doing, I think you are an incredible person and love to read/listen to what you have to say! xoxox

Lydia said...

I totally get what you're saying and completely agree!! I still follow a couple of blogs that have perfect photos and perfect hair and perfect clothes all labeled "c/o somebody or other" and I'm so over it. They're boring and cookie cutter but that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that on GOOD blogs, where the girls take their own pics and are unique, I keep seeing this all over the place: "Ugh you guys, I'm so sorry for the crappy picture quality." And the pictures are always totally fine and I never know what they're even talking about. I guess they're seeing all these super high quality blog photos and think that's what you have to have now.

I have a point and shoot-- it's a really good point and shoot, but one nonetheless. I have a tripod, and a brother and a boyfriend who don't mind helping me with photos sometimes. And I don't give a fuuuuck. My blog's not about my picture quality-- it's about what I wear and what I want to talk about.

I've been talking about this a bit too, and the feedback I've gotten is that there's a lot of people in the blogosphere who are craving authenticity and uniqueness. I think if you want to blog, blog. If you're thinking about starting one and think you've missed the boat, fuck em. Start one anyway. Blogging isn't about getting on a bandwagon or catching something in it's heyday. It's about expressing yourself and connecting with like-minded people and having a good time.

Also you look amazing and I can't take my eyes off your lipstick-your hair-and back to your lipstick.

Lydia said...

Oh and PS, blogs I like:







Marcia said...

We are of the same mind there, Arabelle. When I was in middle school, I always dream of my future self traveling back. And in a way I still do.

It's going to be long, but here it goes:

Bloggers started out as a group of unconventional, free-thinking people who writes about what they feel or think. As they get more successful and more attention, they seems to get more and more delusional about the difference between personal style and trends. Most of the so-called "successful" bloggers these days are no long creative or groundbreaking — they are just manipulated by PR machines. That dress over there is gifted by so-and-so designer, while those shoes are sent by this-and-that boutique. It feels like as if all these open-minded people who are trying to go against stereotypical labels sudden became a part of stereotypes. I used to think of fashion blogging as a unique community that has different aesthetics and influences — now they are all the same, and duh, and dry and blah. It seems like they are all turning into.. robots(not that robots are bad since I'm a sci-fic fan, but I mean more in a thinking sort of way?)

Magnet said...

I agree with you on many points but at the same time, I don't, mostly because... to be honest, I don't even know what's going on with the fashion blogosphere anymore. I've been blogging since I was like.. what, 13? My blog used to be like a diary, just about my life basically. In terms of a lower-middle class western society life, mine was pretty damn shit, so I blogged because I, unlike you, wasn't kind of a loser, I was a TOTAL loser. I had absolutely no friends, I grew up in a TERRIBLE environment (seriously) and I needed an outlet where I could rant.

Then as I got older and became interested in design and fashion, I had blogs that centred around these topics too. Now days, my blog is.. still basically me ranting about whatever I want, and I share what I wear too because over the years I have developed a very financially destructive obsession with clothes. They're like a drug to me, I don't drink, smoke, go out partying.. so that's what helps me feel better I guess, as sad as that may sound.

Anyway, off topic there... what was I saying? Ah yes, I've been blogging since 2004 and in that time I've seen the general youth orientated blogosphere change so much. Back then, fashion blogs weren't exactly that popular, most blogs were just kids who needed an outlet, like me. We all joined the same forums and had a little community. It was great, that was back when blogging was nerdy, I used to hide the fact that I had a blog from everybody I knew. I was kind of embarrassed by it.

Now... well, I can't even keep up with how many blogs exist, it's freaking INSANE. Everyone and their mum has fashion a blog now. Yes, most of them look exactly the same, most people seem to just wear what I see walking down the street, pretty boring, very generic. Fashion blogging is just reflecting life in general these days. Loads of 'normal' people (I hate saying it like that), a few rich people who dress how most of the 'normal' people want to dress and then there's the 'different' people, not as many, each with their smaller cult followings.

I don't know if I care that much though, I follow the blogs I want to follow and I don't pay much attention to the rest. I look at them occasionally because they're kind of hard to miss when we have tools like bloglovin' but meh, the most popular blogs are shit. Yeah, ok, I said it. As a recent design graduate, I think they're boring as hell... and the style most of them emulate is also boring as hell.

But that's life, people in general have boring taste, people in general like to keep within their own safe confines. Most people are too afraid to even enjoy something that's different, what are you going to do? Like Meagan, I feel helpless.

Sorry for the longest comment I've ever left on your blog, it probably doesn't even make sense. Apologies!

Hazel said...

I think most fashion bloggers used to be very DIY and they still exist, like you and Marlena and Isabel and etc. etc. but now fashion blogging has been popularized and the people who are now blogging about fashion are not blogging to be DIY they're blogging to be famous.

Saying you're a fashion blogger means NOTHING nowadays. It doesn't mean a person is DIY or creative at all.

I don't care as much about fashion blogs looking the same because in life I feel like most people dress the same, so the blogs are merely an extension of the real world to me. As much as I want people to be creative, some people aren't and I can't change that.

BUT, I hate bloggers that just buy designer clothing, wear looks straight from the runway, are tall, skinny, model-like gals (Man Repeller, Fashion Toast, etc.) and constantly talk about how creative they are or how weird they are OR, the worst, talking about other fashion bloggers like they represent the community! The community is so vast and rooted in such grassroots style and thrift-store love that they're so far removed from what the blogging community for fashion used to be.

There are women and girls who are wearing boring designer clothing and they think by slapping the "fashion blogger" label on to themselves it makes them more creative or DIY. Ain't gonna happen!

Roma said...

I feel like the reason I started blogging in the first place was because I had unbelievabley low self confidence and lived in a very isolated area near the mountains. Right before I started blogging I kind of had an epiphany: If I dress for me and I write for myself I'll be happier in the long run. My first attempts at blogging sucked. Now I've been in this for about a year and a half and similar to life at home, I've turned into an extremley bitter old lady trapped inside of a 15 year old girl who is awkward and lanky. I've started to become angered by the lack of originality in fashion. There is a group of 12 year old girls who are dying to be the next it-girl. They'll do anything for approcal. On the other hand you have these pissy 20 somethings who are getting paid to promote an urealistic fantasy to kids trying to break into the industry.
I never actually wanted to admitt to myself all of this but seriously. It's the way it is.
Thank you for posting this Arabelle. Really.

Roma said...

*p.s i meant to write approval. lolz. p.s.s I appriciate your dr. who references

Danny Kelly said...

"The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you" ~ Bob Harris (lost in translation) that quote is all i have to say on this matter really.

jessica sandoval said...

This is EXACTLY what I've been thinking for the past weeks, but I felt like if I allowed myself to let the thought sit in my mind, and for me to ponder it, then I'd have this negative feeling towards blogs, and I didn't want that, I didn't want to feel like I didn't want to be a part of it... but I just don't know what category to be put into. All the "fashion" blogs are exactly the same nowadays. Absolutely same outfits, same make-up, same programs they're into, same posts every month. It's so refreshing and lovely to see you put it into words so perfectly.

For me, of course, it sadly always goes down to not having the proper amount of confidence and feelings of self-worth. That's why I admire people like you and Tavi and other more creative blogs-- you show that you're comfortable and confident with truly being who you are (even if others take your advice the wrong way) and expressing yourselves the way you truly need to express yourself through.

I think I lost my train of thought and knowledge of grammar, but I think I almost touched on my point.

Thanks for this post, seriously.

Michelle of Chellbellz said...

So I feel you 100% on this. My issue is this, there is nothing wrong with saying "i'm a blogger" but for me it becomes and issue when you give yourself this title and you make it seem like it's something to be "known" for. I love blogging as a hobby. I also became a part of thise group of bloggers in DC that's growing by the minute. While it's fine and dandy to meet chicks who have a blog its something about that title of "fashion" blogger that really have women with their noses iin the air. You go to an event and it's forced, the hellos, the " whats your blog" the picture taking. I think more than anything i'm annoyed when people try to make it a business...like I think my aim of blogging is just to express myself. No way amd I looking to make money off it. I dont go around seeking this.

When it comes to the actual fashion aspect of it. I'm so tired of seeing the same thing everywhere. I totally get that blogging now is like every clothing companies dream because someone like manrepeller can talk one into buying a simple bracelet and it's sold out fast. I have to admit that i did buy shoes that she promoted but it was because I really like the shoes for myself. Back to my point, everything is so boring. You have bloggers that aren't orginal, they are pairing jeans with a top and calling it fashion. I'm kinda over the douchy posing as well. I really just feel like some of these people with blogs have sucked the life and uniqueness out of having a blog. they are trying to turn it into a business...and while thats fine if it happens to fall into place, going a searching just doesn't cut it for me.

I'm more into seeking a blog that has it's own personaility, i dont want to go to a blog and see a women who doesn't even interact with her supporters brag about this and that...things we already can't afford, things that we can't relate to...and as a grown ass woman i'm not going to covet another girl because she has a burberry bag, and CL shoes. people have lost the real reason for blogging and it has nothing to so with appealing to the masses.

I think at the end of the day most girls love fashion, we love to express ourselves through clothes, and earrings, shoes, and make up but lets just leave it at that, and not make it about who has better stuff. I'm over bloggers thinking they have influence when they are actually a bore when it comes to dressing...more like a carbon copy of the next girl. Which is exactly why the only reason JC Shoes would be on my feet is if the mortician put them on my dead body. Good for him and his sales but not so good with originality

Mai said...

I find myself thinking that with the onset of the blogging boom, blogging has become really saturated and I think that applies to all sorts of bloggers, not necessarily fashion blogging or the beauty blogging I do.

I think that because people have started realizing that there's real money to be made in blogging and vlogging, they're getting into it for the wrong reasons. I find myself really turned off and embarrassed when I see comments on youtube videos asking "How did you get free products sent to you?" or when I see others constantly link spamming because it's become all about the follower count and less about the material that they put out.

In many ways it's rather sad how many people have become popular without actually having anything to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be somewhat accurate in any way to say that it's "selfish" on the stereotypical blogger's part to launch themselves into unapproachable stardom?
As for the solution...well, I'm sure this whole "stereotypical blogger" thing will be around for some time, perhaps even increasing in prevalence. But as this happens, I'm betting those few blogs out there that are truly original and authentic will begin to stick out like a sore thumb, and hey, even begin to inspire prospective bloggers to follow their own voices, not the big name brands'.
To tell ya the durn truth, I stumbled across this blog when I browsed through Tavi's "favorite blogs" links, and then from this blog I found Latter Style and Hipster Musings, and so forth. It was a pleasant chain of events, though I'm a bit sad that I almost feel "blessed" in a creepy way that I have these blogs- they are good blogs, and I'm lucky to have found them, but geez, I almost feel as if I've found some rare artifact or something! Like some goddamn Smeagol or something.
But anyways, I've always wanted to start a blog on personal style and fashion, but was always worried about being tempted to "go along with it", y'know? I wouldn't know how to direct it, if that makes any sense. But honestly, your video helps a lot with clearing up what a good blog should be, and that, I would say, is to provide opinions and ideas to an audience, not something airbrushed and depressingly unapproachable.

jenny said...

Hear, hear. I didn't read all the comments here (will come back and finish reading them) but I have to agree with what many of you have to say. Many (if not most) fashion blogs I come across are about "how I wore this trend today", as Isabel said, and it sometimes drives me to think that I really should have a wardrobe of things that I don't really see the appeal of except that they are "trendy" and therefore "popular" and therefore "the thing to wear".

It results in me doing two things: a) becoming worried as I realize I do not own a wardrobe like someone else's and b) becoming downcast because "I'm not like them" or "I'm not how I'm supposed to be". I'm new to fashion and the fact that so many blogs are about the pieces of clothing you own and how you can "master" current trends really do not help when I want to develop my own personal style. Somewhere inside I know that having a personal style of one's own is more important than the actual items one owns at the moment, yet still I cannot help but feel desperate when I come across blogs with lots of pictures of outfits, none of which that look like my own.

As for blogging in general, I agree with mouse's comment that "your blog should be your blog regardless of whatever niche it occupies." That's the reason I blog/have been blogging since I was in my teens, and I can say my blog doesn't fit in any obvious niche!

Sorry for the ultra long comment.

emsydo said...

i hear you arabelle! this new cookie cutter fashion/style blog thing has been on my mind too.

i don't think style blogs should be out there to make us feel better about ourselves...but I do feel that they've gone from being the accessible alternative to glossy magazines to being a marketing tool for magazines and big fashion companies...

i think in future, the majority of fashion blogs will be hijacked by marketing marketing marketing. But i guess it's nice to be on the bloggers end receiving free stuffs and what not. i don't think this is bad either. i just that bloggers retain their integrity and their unique viewpoint.

i actually miss the days when fashion bloggers use to take mirror shots and obscure their face with their camera. haha. i mean, i think the best thing about fashion blogging when it first started was that everybody was just documenting their outfit for the day or finding other people on the internet who didn't think their outfit was "weird" or "crazy". It was like a place for fashion nerds to direct their fashion nerdiness. And THAT was what I thought made it relatable...

anyway, glad you made this video!

emsydo said...

i just hope that bloggers retain their integrity and their unique viewpoint.*

Lucy in the Sky said...

*cough*Jeffrey Campbell

you didn't do that on person, right? :b

Anyway I feel like I'm going through something similar, if not the exact same thing you're going through. I haven't blogged on my fashion blog for over a year partly because I'm exhausted of the frequency I have to blog, as well as the "kind" of content I need to post just to garner comments. I really wanted to become a successful blogger. I think becoming a fashion blogger challenged me to take my style to another level but at the same time, I was trying to take on a certain identity that didn't feel very "me". Nowadays, I don't know what to post on my blog. I have a Tumblr now where I can just blog and reblog about my feelings on politics and society. If someone judges me on that blog, I don't really care too much. But when I got ONE hate comment on my fashion blog, I felt the need to respond. Why did I need to legitimize my opinion? (might've been because I felt like the commenter was attacking me personally but ANYWAY). Blogging should allow people to be themselves, but at the moment the blogosphere is elevating only certain bloggers who look and act and think a certain way. Anything that falls outside of popular opinion (or any voicing of a strong opinion, rather than just outfit photos...) gets shot down.

Thanks for this video. Lots to think about.

Lucy in the Sky said...

^ typo!: *on purpose (not "on person" =_=)

canvas print said...

What a grat post, I can see where your coming from!

one young thing said...

when you coughed Jeffrey Campbell, i nearly died. i feel that your originality has inspired me, which i feel i need as i eat up creativity through the internet. i'm from midwest u.s., and though i think there's a lack of fashion sense in my particular state, i never thought there would be such a lack of innovation elsewhere until i started my own blog and nosed around at others.

i find trends perfectly all right, but the way the maxi skirt-- for example-- made its way around was like a disease as the Acceptable Ways To Wear It were made known. with blazers for spring. with simple tanks for summer. with sweaters wrapped up with belts for fall. at all times. in all blogs.

and even on the runway, it's like the quote "florals? for spring? groundbreaking." if your heart pulls you to wear lavender nail polish and an all-black ensemble while the daisies come up, then do it. break rules, put black and brown together, stop wearing sequins only during the holidays. but if you don't want to, don't. have your own jazz, your own spark.

you inspire, arabelle. thank you so much for making me reconsider the fashion world.

Lucy said...

Just watched your video. I haven't had time to go through the other comments so maybe I'll be repeating stuff.
I do have a blog but it isn't really fashion/make up/... related, though I do love fashion. A lot of fashion blogs have become much of a muchness. I get the feeling "everybody" dresses the same, but at the same time everybody is striving to stand out and be the 'cooler' girl. Everybody seems to need attention but at the same time, they need acceptance. it's a vicious circle.
I've always dressed differently so to speak and I always have trouble finding fashion blogs that really correspond to my vision of things. Now, I tend to just stay away from fashion blogs, they just end up driving me mad or angry!

Sasha Lane said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Things need color again.

Sometime I feel like it would be easier to be that girl just to get people to listen...but that freaks me out. I'm just too opposite.

I won't lie and say that I never look at the blogs with the chick with long ombre hair but it's been boring for a while now, it's just hard to find other bloggers created fun content. Anyway, I really like Almie from Apocalypstick and even better Grace, who vlogs, from DailyGrace. If you love to get in a few, quick lols though out the day - LOOK HER UP.

Lady B said...

I could identify with a lot of what you said. I started blogging about 7 months ago and to know what's 'out there', I often peruse fashion/style blogs and even though I didn't go to High School- I do feel a bit like the outsider, as the 'cheerleaders' with the long flowing hair and longer limbs seem to be ruling the school!

Ofcourse, there are many blogs that put substance over style but it does make one think...

I'd like to see more fashion/style blogs talk about the aspects of fashion that are not so pretty- be it sweatshop child labour or in my case, as I work in the fashion industry- talk about how so many mags (print and digital) are taking the piss by not paying professionals.

I want things to be more 'real', because in many ways fashion is two-faced, yes there is the beautiful side, but it can be ugly as hell...

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot of what you're saying. First of all, I think there's a difference between fashion blogging and "hey, I dressed myself today!" blogging. Does that make sense? Like, does a blazer with a simple top and jeans really constitute a blog post? If you're not doing anything interesting with your style because you're mostly mimicking the style of other bloggers in an attempt to get free stuff...that's not really worth reading to me. And so many people are starting "fashion" blogs now because they want to get free clothes but I guess we can't really blame them when so many fashion blogs have just turned into a brag-a-thon about the clothes they've gotten as gifts, right? It sort of sets the tone for what being a fashion blog means. I know I personally can't relate to that. And the thing is, when bloggers are only blogging about the clothes they've gotten for free, it just turns into advertising, plain and simple. Even if the clothes are the crappiest quality ever, bloggers are talking it up because they don't want to ruin their relationship with the companies sending free stuff their way (there are exceptions to this, obviously, but it seems like they are getting fewer and fewer.) What's the point in reading that kind of blog, you know? If I wanted to read someone's glowing review of a product that isn't all that great, I'd just open up a magazine. Personally, I've always been drawn to bloggers that wear a little bit of everything, meaning that maybe they'll wear something that was gifted every now and then, but they also wear thrifted clothes, clothes within my price range, clothes that they made themselves, etc. It's hard for me to be inspired by bloggers who have gotten so much recognition that now they only wear pieces that are custom-made or every single piece they're wearing is $300+ (and they didn't buy it themselves.) Also, as a bigger girl, it's definitely hard for me to relate to girls who can fit into sample sizes but I've found that fatshion blogs have all started to kind of look the same too (again, with a few exceptions) so at this point, I'll take inspiration where ever I can find it.

Charliet Clothier said...

I just came across your blog from rookie, and i just watched your video. I think if you can not pay attention to any other bloggers and just do your own thing like I seem to do, I think that helps. Just let people come across your blog naturally, via bloglovin or any other sites. I am totally against people asking for followers and following about 500 people to get back all the followers. If people are genuinely interested in your blog then thats the best achievement in the blogging world. I've been influenced a lot by those pretty girl bloggers, and it really doesn't work for me, i saw my traffic drop so easily because like you said, they are intimidating and not approachable. you have a great blog! I'm your new follower.


shepaintsroses said...

there are so many fashion blogs now... when this whole world first started, there were only a few so it was a lot easier to be unique just given the situation. Now, i feel like a fashion blog has to have something unique about it that makes it stand out from the sea of other blogs. For example, Man Repeller is probably my favorite fashion blog today. Instead of just general fashion, she has a kind of message there. Also, Leanne is a great writer and she's hilarious. I look forward to her posts because I laugh almost every time.

C.A.R. said...

I agree with everything you said about the bloggosphere... And oh my gosh, i couldnt't get my eyes off your glasses!!! They look amazing! I wish i needed glasses now!


Coco Layne said...

This video was so great! You beautifully articulated almost all the qualms I have with fashion blogging at the moment. Back when fashion blogging was a relatively new terrain there were so many interesting and exciting things happening and now that its inflated into this whole new industry in itself its as though the original spark has faded into the background. Crudely put,I honestly just feel as though most of the prevalent fashion blogs are getting a whole lot of attention for doing a whole lot of nothing. So thank you for making this video. There needs to be more people like you to address these kinds of ideas.

Lia said...

i think it was inevitable that blogs seemed to all sorta meld into one look because when you throw money/fame/publicity into the ring there becames more and more and more blogs and bloggers (on purpose or not) mimicked bloggers that were already successful.

there still are great, unique blogs out there (like yours, which i just happened to stumble upon). they are just harder to find. i think a good analogy for this is resturants in new york. i moved here fairly recently and have been to a buncha bad restaurants-- even though ny is supposed to have really good ones-- because there's just so goddamn many of them.

okay. rant over. i love your hair. keep up the good work.

bestie said...

i am one of the people on here who read this and felt kind of torn afterwards. on the one hand i completely agree with you; on the other hand...well.

i've been blogging, too, for 4 years (apparently started just a few days after you, teehee!) and definitely get those moments when i just wish things would go back to being simple and light and without the pressures of "competing" with the thousands of fashion bloggers the world over. (and also not bore ADD-inflicted readers with crazy run-on sentences.) and while it irks me to see all these "magazine-ready" photos on supposedly personal-style blogs, i must admit i still visit a lot of them. but it's mostly because i still believe in those bloggers' innate ability to put outfits together in beautiful, inspiring ways...because they have been able to do so, once upon a time, and i guess i refuse to believe that they will just let that go for the sake of compensation or freebies or superbloggerstardom.

i also must put on record that i succumb to advertising/PR ploys - more often than i care to admit. i used to tell myself, no, i will never do that. i will never sell out. but then something changes your mind and you tell yourself, oh just this once then, and then it happens again, and again, and again, until you realize you are nothing but a permanent pawn in some brand or company's PR plot.

sometimes i do wonder if i can still go back to how things were, say, three years ago. not to say that my blog now has that "glossy magazine" feel to it, but i do think it's moving towards that commercialized, marketized, advertized side of things that i am just not comfortable with. and when i hear about new "fashion bloggers" who get in the game because they want to get invited to events, or get free stuff, or be able to hold giveaways and be twitter-famous, i cringe a little. i think, what has happened to fashion blogging? but then i feel bad because maybe it isn't fair to judge them. we all do things for different reasons and why is it wrong to start a blog because you want to be popular? it's not why i did it, sure, but we are all entitled to want what we want.

like i said, i really am torn about this issue. so i suppose it's more of a "to each his own" kind of perspective. i know there are bloggers out there whose views and practices i will never agree with, but i also know i am not obliged to follow them so i can just pretend like they're not there. just like they don't know i am here, either.

and maybe that is a healthy enough approach to the issue. one can hope.

oh yeah, did i mention that i think you're awesome? you are always and forever a breath of fresh air and i hope you never tire of speaking your mind and taking photos of your amazing purple hair.

Zoé said...

Great video and you look absolutely gorgeous! Do not worry about a niche. Your blog is about being your blog.

Anyway, I agree with you on the Fashion Blogger thing. I have noticed that many of the most popular blogs are just one after the other, re-runs of things that not only have been already done, but in the same way. There is little originality.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I just wanted to say that I loved listening to this.


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Paolina of Calur Villade said...

This speaks to me so much. You hit the issue right on the head. fashion blogging has become B-O-R-I-N-G. I cant stand seeing the same thing over and over again. And it really gets me down as well to the point that I don't even want to blog sometimes. I have been taking so many blogging breaks in the past few months because I am just not inspired. And honestly, i havnt read a blog post in about 2 monthes. but i know there is still some original merit belonging to certain blogs. Its just that everyone has a blog now though. whether its blogger or tumblr they all have blogs for the allure of being internet famous. ahh it frustrates me, so much. The internet gods must be blogosphere or something.

Paolina Alexandra Russo

rachel said...

I want to preface this by saying that although I am not a fashion blogger, I do follow a bunch of them. I've definitely been seeing more and more bloggers wearing outfits that I could never afford, and it's kind of a bummer. I think its safe to say that most people can't relate to that lifestyle. I get inspired and excited from bloggers with real personal style. DIY, thrifting, wearing clothes that no one else will be wearing. You are one of my favs, keep doing what you're doing girl.

Lizzy said...

AMEN!! I really agree with this video. I think that fashion blogging is a lot less relatable nowadays. I look at blogs sometimes and just feel downright crappy and it's really hard to explain. I guess I agree that making yourself your own hero and being yourself may not make you a successful blogger, but at least you'll be an authentic one. oh, and props for the doctor who reference :)

Andrea said...

Your video made me thinking about lot of stuff.
I am a student of fashion design and I hate fashion sometimes. It is, like Tavi said in one of her posts, like high school. Or sometimes even worse. Most of my professors are superficial egos whose job is make you cry and feel as shit. And most of people in my school are hypocritical egos with that superiority feeling of half-gods. And there is almost no fair play in fashion, it's all about money and who do you know. And then you see that those people copy each other! They are like an army of superficials, so important and so famous! And it's the same ith fashion bloggers. And these people I don't find inspiring at all. And I don't want to be a part of this. Never. And then I ask myself if it's possible to do it differently, is it possible to do what I want in my way, without being connected to any of these people?
As an optimist; I think it is. With a blogger like you and some others who are inspiring me, and other designers which I really admire of their ability of being and acting different; I'll continue in unconventional fashion way. I know this may not be the easiest way, but I'm sure there is no other better if I want to be myself.
Good luck and keep on doing awesome as you do now!

love buzz said...

i've never warmed to fashion blogging which is a shame as clothes and personal style are huge in my life. most sites were too groomed, it was really boring. isabel's blog has always been my favourite, she is relatable and her posts never feel forced. i am pleased the 2 of you have addressed the current fashion blogging industry, i'm not sure what can be done to improve it but it's awesome popular bloggers like yourself are speaking up and not selling out.

anna said...

I definitely get what you mean about the kinda new bloggers who all basically look like models and are (mainly) all white and all wear kinda the same thing. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, but when I look at new blogs they're mostly all the same. I just started a blog last month and I only have 2 followers and to be honest I don't think I'll ever get to be one of the more famous bloggers. But even if nothing comes out of this and no one even looks at my blog I'll still keep doing it because I just enjoy it. And that's about it.

Michal מיכל said...

Wקךך Arabelle, I've heard it all and I'm not sure if I agree with you. I DO feel the same way about wondering through blogs and feeling it's all the same.
It's like going to lookbook and see tons of people and outfits but feel it's actually all the same. I'm tired of that too.
I tend to blog too about fashion but not as you may refer to fashion blogging. I love taking outfit posts but they are not the main issue in my blog. I love taking issues from the fashion world and write my own true opinion about it. I do post pictures from magazines when I feel they are really special and I do post pictures from the runway. I don't think it's wrong, it would only be wrong if I post and without saying anything about it. That is not blogging, that is pure copy and paste.
Do you think fashion blogs should concentrate on own style only?

Anonymous said...

you are fucking awesome

Kimmiepooh said...

Just came across this post. Wow. I'm a blogger as well (mine is more editorial than personal), and something has been off for me for a while but I couldn't put my finger on it - you summed things up perfectly for me. I go to style blogs and things of that nature for inspiration but so many are dressing the same that it's like looking at a bunch of paper dolls dressed in the same clothes. Like you said, there's a fashion blogger "uniform" now and if you don't wear it, you won't necessarily "cross-over" into a more visible field and it's disappointing because there are so many talented writers out there, and those that have a keen sense of style that's yet to be unconvered. I do have hope that it changes, though. It has to. Fashion is supposed to be a place of freedom and individuality, not conformity.

Miranda said...

I agree. I run a blog that ends up being a bit of a diary-esque blob of random shit. It's not popular because I'm not a tall skinny beauty queen and I think that the appearance of girls who are supposedly "trendy" has become so standardized that I would rather see someone wearing crocs or Ugg boots on a blog because at least they would be different. I can say that I am a victim of the conformity because I obviously have tried to fit in and being surrounded by paper thin girls just ends up making girls with average or normal bodies feel bad. I say viva la revolucion here because I am sick of seeing the same girls wear the same clothes and then call themselves cool or unique. Your blog inspires me so much because I feel like I know you and you dont filter yourself into the small sliver of "trendy" or "hip" girls you see on lookbook. You actually have style and opinions and for that I respect you way more than whoever has the most hypes on lookbook.

Rich Hippie said...

thank god someone said this, i sorta made the exact same video i was not as composed and cute like u :P. I literarily saw blogging as an accessible substitute to glossy magazines that just sell an unrealistic photoshopped/amazon woman, wearing garments worth more that my rent!
I always saw bloggers as real girls real bodies, REAL BUDGETS.
theyeve litralry become new celebs what they wear we ant, and hey it used to be a cute jacket from H&M that they styled in an awesome way, and not fucking balenciaga or whatever.
Also who docent miss cute awkward posses of girls in there bedroom(ooh creepy vibe hahaha) taking pics of there outfits in a world thats real a world that could proabaly exist in the house across the street.
Now we see those BG BLOGGERS who parade each new seasons IT SHOE in every freaking colour or sporting every single ysl artsy ring ever made on one hand going big, getting the attention, making those girls that once looked up to them before pr companies hunt them down, to feel inadequate because they sorta can't afford it, or girl who started there own blogg feel like horrible bloggers because they don't have it. okay I'm probably rambling in the worst english ever(sorry swedish :P) but i must say I love that you said it, it had to be said and sorry, but i pray for the day all this unnecessary overhype of overpaid bloggers go away

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling this way about bloggers for quite sometime. I agree that blogs have all become similar and have gotten quite boring. Perhaps however, it seems like bloggers who I thought were amazing have stopped. What bothers me the most about bloggers now is that they aren't relatable anymore (you mentioned this). How can someone in lets say Iowa who loves clothing, has great style etc, relate to this chick who's wearing a pair of $5000 shoes and sitting front row at Marc Jacobs. I feel like bloggers have received all of this attention for being a genuine and a reachable aspect of the fashion industry, only to become as unreachable as Anna Wintour.

Emerald said...

Totally agree with everything you said!
Here are some blogs that I think are worth my time that you may not have heard of:

Risja said...

I think you are so right. It feels like blogging has become a total new industry but in a bad way, with all the stuff sent by designers and it's not about who you are as a person or what you like.it was. but it has become so commercialized ( is that a word?) I've been following blogs like your's and tavi's for a while now, and i think rookiemag is such a good initiative where it is all about being creative and helping young girls with all these weird things you go through when you're a teenager and maybe even when you're older.
it's so important that you said this out loud. because i've doubted to start a blog for a long long time just because i didn't think it would care. and i did start a while ago but i have a purpose now, and even if i'm still one little fish in a see with many many others. i feel like i have to tell people about me being ill and handicapped and getting through this crappy time by dressing myself the way i like and making pictures of stuff i like and forgetting all about what and where i took them because my brain is damaged. and even though not many people read it, i feel like i am doing this for myself and it feels good. and i wish that more people would read it because sick people are everywhere, and people avoid them just because it's not fun and they get sad when they see us, but i feel that by using social media (hate the word) i can make a statement. even though it's teeny tiny. and i think it should be more like that. but it's such a shame that the blogosphere has become unfocussed through media and this capitalist world and once again it has become all about the money and this fake image of being pretty all the time. because we're not. thank you so much for being brave and honest.

~ Faith said...

You've posted EXACTLY what I've been thinking for a while. Plus it seems like if you're not immediately "branding" yourself as a new blogger then you have no chance of gaining followers.

I mostly follow artist blogs lately, just because all the fashion blogs look or sound the same and I think art is more genuine. Plus, I love the behind-the-scenes posts that artists do.


K said...

You rock :) This was a really great video and I'm glad it's up. One thing that gets me (on this topic) is how expensive some of the clothes that 'successful' bloggers wear and advertise. I mean let's be real here - the everyday girl who's into fashion probably does not have even close to enough money to wear these types of things. I much prefer blogs by girls who thrift everything or buy things from forever 21 and manage to be sup stylish nonetheless! (Not that I'm bashing expensive clothes, I have some too of course! It's just kind of weird to see peoples' wardrobes entirely made up of expensive things that you can only buy online)


Anonymous said...

Sweet, wise girl. I love what you said about being approachable. I'm a mom of 3 and you just summed up a major life lesson so simply. I'm going to make sure my kids "get" this one.

Virginie said...

Wow, there is so much to say ont his subject and I' glad you are voicing it here.

First off, let me just tell you this is my first visit on your blog and I'm feeling very inspired. I have a master degree in Literature and Gender Studies and I'm so glad to have found a blogger with an interest in the subject :)

I think maybe at this time there needs to be a difference between "fashion" and "personal style". I have a creative lifestyle blog where I share some outfits and as much as I like exploring my own personal style and using clothes as a way to help accomplish my dreams, I'm not super passionate about fashion and I get bored when I attend Montreal Fashion Week. See I work in the movie industry and that's my passion: cinema. So I think already there is a dichotomy between the two subjects (fashion vs personal style).

But I think he bottom line is: we read blogs to find inspiration and it's harder and harder to find these days on the bloggosphere, no matter the budget of it's editor...

To me it's all about creativity and not about being "famous", which is probably one of the biggest cultural problems of our time. As if we need to be represented and validated by others to have value...

G. said...

I totally agree with you! I like how you laid everything out very eloquently. And the Doctor Who references = A+.

I haven't really seen it too much I guess because I don't keep up with a ton of blogs or blogs like that, but within my local blogging community (DC) there is a definite difference between the more "trendy" bloggers who will just post runway photos and talk about trends as opposed to the bloggers who actually wear clothing in interesting and different ways and post photos they took themselves that may not actually be perfect. But it's good to see that people can & will talk about this annoying discrepancy.

- G. (Tulle & Combat Boots)

Anna M said...

I am responding mainly to the sentiment felt by Arabelle AND everyone else here. I have a Degree in Fashion Communications and have worked in marketing for the last five years. I am an amateur fashion photographer who spends over $300 a month on a studio that makes me nothing at all just so I can learn to shoot better. I plan to start a fashion blog with my hair, makeup and styling team about our individual experiences on the fringes of the industry and share our personal projects and inspiration with others out there.

I'm a pretty girl. Would I love to be 6 feet tall? YES! but I'm not (under 5). Would I love to have enough money to buy whatever I want, Hell YES! Do I wish I lived in London or Paris so I could take lucky shots of famous people leaving fashion shows? Yuppers. But I'm not rich, or tall or famous and I live in central Canada, that's just how it is.

I managed to find some of the most talented people in this city and our blog will look "glossy", it will cover trends and it will also be genuine and relatable. It will not contain any advertising, nor will it have any photos we've taken at any fashion weeks, it may have designer clothes, if we're so lucky but we will not endorse anything simply because it was sent to us.

I guess, in the end, I'm not sure what your real issue is. Are you upset because these blogs have taken traffic from you? Are you upset because you don't know photographers? (they are everywhere, really) Are you bummed because someone has taken something you used to have for yourself and commercialized it?

When I was 14, dressed like an idiot and was obsessed with fashion in dull central Canada with a huge lack of self esteem and an appropriate figure to match, THERE WAS BARELY AN INTERNET! No blogs, no Facebook. No way for me to find other stylish people who loved Dolce and Gabbana Spring 1997. Be glad you have had the opportunity to share your thoughts with like minded people and be thankful that you had that voice, even if the outlet might not be what it once was. I have the opportunity to self publish my creative projects and I think that's an amazing thing regardless of how "glossy" personal style bloggers might think it is. It's about finding a tribe of like-minded people not a niche audience, and based on the 65 other comments here, it appears you have.

Anonymous said...

i cant agree more . Most blogging have become really shallow and superficial . fashion blogging ( the ones i remember) use to be about seeking and going to thrift stores to find that one perfect piece , but now ... anyone !everyone can go to forever21 or whatever it is to find those pieces that were once so special . idk what happened to fashion ...but in the meantime thanks for saying the truth. fashion blogging has changed .

Anonymous said...

This video really made me consider myself and blogging in general. Why the hell am i following that damn blog with that girl prancing around in her new shinny shoe's that i don't even like? and why do i even want those shoes if i did not like them in the first place? I really appreciated this video it was brutally honest, but also brutally true.

Mrs. D said...

Thank you for posting this. I totally agree and feel your pain- I find trendy blogs really boring. What's the point of looking at blogs of outfits that were copied from whatever was on the window of H&M/Zara/insert high street store?

Isabel Spectre said...

Wow. Madeline made a response video to this video which led me here to your blog. You make so many good points, and both of you've inspired me to make a video discussing these ideas.. I feel similarly to you (and Madeline). Thank you so much for posting this.

Arabelle said...

Hi Anna! Thank you for your response -- was hoping someone on the 'other side' of the debate would respond. i think you missed my point, but i will answer your questions:

No, I'm not upset these blog have 'taken traffic' from me. I still get plenty of traffic (more than ever actually), that is not my issue. I don't think about the traffic and it has never been a concern for me. i don't use traffic counters anymore because i DELIBERATELY do not want to worry about it.

i also know photographers -- that isn't an issue. i've collaborated with photographers on my posts before, pretty recently too, if you scrolled down from this post you would actually see that.

i am bummed because fashion blogging is very much a calculated, glossy thing that seems to have lost it's integrity and originality and is something very predictable now.

in the end i think we disagree on this because you and i want two very different things from blogging, so i totally get why you're not with me on this one, and i'm not gonna begrudge you for it. You want to be in the industry and are going to be sharing your thoughts on being on the fringe of it, I just want to share my experiences outside of it and about it without being a walking advertisement for brands that don't actually care about me and just use me for my audience.

LoveCharlesVintage said...

This is like telling every girl in highschool they shouldn't have name brand jeans, and hoping it sticks. A lot of people want to wear trends from f21 and thats why its a HUGE company. Because they also are tell, skinny, and want to blog, does not necessarily mean we have to feel bad about fashion blogging lately. If you want to talk about the general population loving attractive women, thats got nothing to do with fashion blogging its got to do with the media from before the internet even existed. So I'm not worried about hating on people loving pretty girls. Blogs are for everyone, even people that bore you. We all have the right to choose to not buy jeffery campbells and not be sponsored by modcloth. I am not trying to argue, I am just writing down some stuff floating around in my head. After hearing so many people talk about this I have to think about the big picture too. I know exactly what you're talking about, trust me, we all see the same few brands over and over. I used to think that was what was "successful". But now I think the wonderful thing about fashion blogging is there is such a huge variety, and success can stem from so many different forms. I can follow someone that wears all vintage and someone that looks like a stoner gypsy and they will both bring me new inspiration when I check my bloglovin, and I may be inspired to wear my mostly black, thrifted wardrobe in a new way! Just because you see more "cookies cutters" pop up doesn't mean you don't have enough interesting content to look at. Look at all the girls that agree with you about maintaining integrity! Tons of people that don't wear modcloth unless they spent their own money on it. That's awesome! I am super happy about all the discussion that has popped up over this. But I also think it's important to remind people that just because someone likes trends does not mean they aren't worthy of having a blog. That is just what some people like, and to put them down for it isn't the right thing to do. (Not trying to say you're putting people down, you expressed you want to do the opposite and I believe you!)
I mean, thats a life lesson people have to learn to stay true to themselves. What about the people that haven't figured out who they are yet?
I just don't think its right to decide whats right and wrong since it becomes a case of us vs. them. We can simply follow blogs that we believe to be spewing the most sincerity, however they choose to do it. I love supporting ladies that are supporting themselves, and doing what they love to do! It's empowering to see, and makes me happy. Yeah I agree consumerism is something the world needs to break itself of, but again, way bigger problem than just in blogging. I'd love to hear more of your opinions on the matter of sponsorship though, do you think bloggers should break away from sponsorships? or do you think its okay to be compensated for what we do as long as we do it with integrity? I really like that this discussion is happening, but I'm feeling kind of bad about all the comments I'm reading that seem like the goal is to "hate on the trendy girls". I don't feel like thats the direction this should go at all. Thanks for getting this discussion going! I think this is the longest comment I've ever written haha.

Arabelle said...

Yay long comments! No i agree with you so much -- I really DON'T want to girl hate, I want us to support other girls, but I also think it's so so important to examine the relationships we have to the brands we're wearing and supporting and are being supporting by through sponsorships. I'm gonna talk about it in another video or post, I dunno which yet.

LoveCharlesVintage said...

Yeah I think you are spot on! It's important in blogging and in life to pay attention to what we consume. Can't wait to see what develops from all this.

Tereza said...

Hi Arabelle! You're talking about the huge difference about things that feel authentic and things that feel artificial. There's no doubt that there is a difference. What I believe is that you don't have to be sad or pessimistic about it. There will always be those who go for the polished thing. It's a natural tendency. There's no need to freak out about it. I can totally relate to what you're saying, and I also value authenticity more than "perfection" and trendiness. But it's everybody's choice really. Don't get discouraged by it. Keep it up you're great & I love you and your blog! I even believe that bloggers like you can be more successful than those inaproachable beauties you're talking about. People are fascinated by them, but they are not the one's who they LOVE.

Anna said...

I really liked this post. You're eloquent and honest. Plus, I had some lust for your clothes/hair/glasses. Right now your blog has become one of my favourites just from this post. I know that this is more about fashion blogging than blogging in general, but that's kind of why I don't really like fashion blogs. I look at a few of them, on occasion, and one of my good friends has one (but in her case, she makes her own clothes and will surf ebay for hours to spend $20 on otherwise expensive clothing/accessories), but I prefer to read blogs that have some personal asides to them. I like reading about people's lives and I like seeing photos that go with it. What you said about personal style is right on, and I loved that.

Noémie said...

I completely agree with you and I would like to add a few things:

firstly as bloggers become popular by wearing their own clothes, they get approached more and more by companies wanting to sponsor them for their own benefits. I am sure it is difficult for people in that situation not to see the attraction in being able to make money out of their "hobby" or "passion" but there is a certain level of credibility fashion bloggers need to try to achieve and be really careful about what changes in the process of them accepting sponsors and clothes...

What is most frustrating is that most of those blogs remain some of the most popular, even though it can get harder and harder to relate to them. Also there is already an overloading of top popular fashion blog and it makes me sad when I come across a blog where the blogger is clearly trying to be something they're not to try to attain the popularity of those at the top!

Not that I think I will become a name in the blogosphere but I have given some thought about what I would want to do in that situation and how I would handle it (you know like thinking about what you'd do with the money if you won the lottery ;). If someone has managed to make a brand of themselves, accepting to be a walking advertisement for other brands already messes things up too much for the blogger to retain credibility in itself! And I think that transpires A LOT in fashion blogging!

It is a breath of fresh air to have someone like you post such a video, to see that some fashion blogger have some sense of reality and enough clarity of self reflection to see what's happening. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, more like a lifestyle one and I do love to document some of my outfits but the whole point would change entirely if I came to be at the receiving end of sponsors and giveaways.

Noémie (no-et-mie.blogspot.com)

triumphofthechill said...

I feel the same way, looking around for interesting blogs to follow leads down a spiral of low self esteem and seemingly no hope you could say. Like if I dress amazingly well for me I won't get anywhere because I am not dressed like others or (and this is a major one for me) because I am only 5"0 and not stick thin. I however recently stumbled more into Rookie and similar online things, both relevant to the blogger community and not that have made me feel a lot better about myself and made me really understand that my personal style is all I actually need and that blogging shouldn't be about anything but my personal style. I have wound up following very few blogs because of this trend of blogging not being about personal style, which is a bummer but the number is growing. What really does make me sad is the amount of people who consider having a tumblr that is not about anything they do as being a blogger. I also hate that it is now trendy to be a blogger and being a blogger is part of the "cool thing" for every single teen girl to do.

Edward Wong said...
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Zoe said...

I am a brand-new and older personal style blogger and I think this is a great conversation. I was a little dismayed with the current state of fashion blogging (like Juli said, used to be DIY / unique looks) when I came back around to following sites. Hopefully, there will be push-back at some point (maybe during one of the style conferences?) and the pendulum will start to swing the other way...


samantha said...

I had to stop looking at most diy pseudo indihip fashion blogs a couple months ago because of how disgusted and achey I'd simultaneously feel at how cute, cis-gendered, slender, obviously class privileged and materialistic these "lifestyles" and looks felt. I used to read abeautifulmess, ticktockvintage, labelleoiselle alot but now can hardly stand those spaces; which is different than not being able to stand those individuals or teams of individuals who create such spaces. I feel like I'm not focusing on internet fashion and image as much nowadays, at least not alone, I've really appreciated queer and queer ally spaces that take pride in body and fat acceptance, flamboyance, and experimentation and don't beg to be signal boosted and followed so that they can get promotional merchandise. I feel like I could go on for a looooong time about ideas around young, consumeristic, skinny-centric, heteronormative, hip hip hip fashion and blogging and how I've mostly been staying away from it. Alternatives? I'm still looking, but here are some sites I like to visit currently: http://mmmajestic.tumblr.com/, http://tangledupinlace.tumblr.com/, http://www.urbanweedsblog.com/, http://fuckyeahhardfemme.tumblr.com/, http://fuckyeahfemmes.com/, http://courtneytrouble.tumblr.com/

thankyou for saying and making visible critical thoughts and changes that could improve fashion blogging to go beyond image and narrow definitions of beauty so tied up in certain bodies, materials, lifestyles. :)

Kylie Jean said...

Its so wired, because I have definitely been feeling this same way for awhile. I'm a bit embarrassed It took me so long to realize why I so desperately wanted to buy new things every time I clicked a fashion blog.

But its so true. Not only are the characters in these blogs unattainable, the content is repetitive. Though I don't really know if this is a blogging problem as much as it's a societal one. Capitalism has a terrible way of latching onto and appropriating youth counter cultures.

Andie U. said...

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'm recently reading it and I wanted to thank you for being so outspoken and brave enough to talk about a fact that I think a lot of us have noticed, but don't really have the power to do anything about it. I started my own blog a couple of months ago and I hadn't done it before because I felt a huge pressure to rise to the levels set by the industry (yup, I feel it has become that in a way). We all want our blogs to succeed and reach people and it's become sort of impossible to think that they will if they don't measure up to the other blogs out there, it's very sad.
I'd like to think that our role as bloggers is to inspire people and help them relate to us by being approachable and real, not being some produced character that only increases complexs and insecurities. What I dislike the most is that I feel that a lot of sites have been promoting this fashion blogger image which makes it really hard for the rest of us. But I could go on about this forever. Anyway, this was really inspiring. I think I might write about this on my blog. So thanks again.



Anonymous said...

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