11 February 2012

actual coverage of shows because i talk about fashion sometimes

I'm only going to a handful of shows this season, shows my friends are styling or designing or shows I just know they'll be there. Shows I have faith in, shows I know will inspire me. Concept Korea is a presentation of 5 brands , one of the rare shows I actually bothered reporting about last season (post here). Since this is rather photo heavy, click the cut to see everything. 

I'm a bit bummed I didn't get more good photos of Lie Sang Bong's Dol Dam collection, he's my favorite designer out of the Concept Korea crew and I loved his last season so much! This was a definite turnaround in color -- no more shiny faery texture play or colorful palette, but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting . This season he was inspired by "Dol Dam," which are traditional Korean stone walls built by stacking pieces of stone in different sizes and shapes. I could definitely see his inspiration come to play in the organic shapes and lines, it felt more earthy than last collection which was some sort of intergalactic majesty that I wanted to just drown myself in. 

Okay so these two photos are of the ANTIQUE'EN FW2012 Collection by DoHo. I think the texture work of DoHo is very consistent from season to season. Insight into how DoHo creates each collection is important in order to appreciate the finished look, which isn't particularly my style but admirable nonetheless. This is her interpretation of a traditional antique style from a new perspective. She collected antique furniture and old-fashioned jars during her travels around the world, and they are the basis of her new collection. 

Whlie I wouldn't wear any of these looks -- though Taylor Momsen might steal a few items? I saw her at the event, anyway -- I do like how she uses texture. One must always have an appreciation for detail work. 

By process of elimination I'm guessing this is Son Jung Wan (.....my journalism professor would be so ashamed of my reporting skillz right now). I liked this a lot! Actually, it reminded me a lot of Ms. Glamourai. SJW loves glamour, and I like this season's take on it more than last season's which was much colder. I think if you're going to do glamour it should be rich, luscious, like warm velvets and golds and this delivered on that promise. Plus I liked the makeup. 

Next up is Steve J & Yoni Pi. Wearable, referential to stargazing. I liked the bright knit suit situation they had goin' on the most.  They aren't my favorite collection in the group, just not my style. 

OK I'm gonna be real I was most excited for CK not for LSB but for the chance that Sen Mitsuji might be modeling, and he's my favorite model at the moment and I'm fucking obsessed with him, but he wasn't there this season so I am sad and the mens show was irrelevant to me because of that. SADFACE.