09 March 2012

time wrinkles

The background image is an old background of the CDG website. Everything is from Goodwill except for the shoes (c/o Wanted.)

  By all rights this is a pretty typical Arabelle outfit, I go for the same thing in different variations. For example: this jacket. I have a blue one VERY similar I've worn several times on the blog, and my friends have worn it, too (see: Scott). I dunno, patterned blazers are the easiest thing ever to wear to me. I could have one in every color and wear them every day for a month, year, etc, and be totally content. I prefer wearing darker looks now but I needed a break from all the black and silver I was wearing.

Now that I'm on spring break I can finally catch up on emails and posting and the sequel to my fashion blogging video. I want to go further into blogger relationships with brands and this idea of integrity and clarify that I don't want to make people feel bad about liking what they like even if it is trend driven. We all blog for different reasons but there is a lot to be said about blogging in hopes of getting sponsorship and free stuff rather than blogging because you want to tell your story. When you step back and realize that a good portion of every one of your posted outfits was sponsored by a brand you would otherwise never wear, you need to figure out your accountability and if you're being truthful to your readers. This applies to me as much as anyone else -- even though I primarily wear vintage and thrift, a good portion of my wardrobe was gifted to me, by friends I've made through blogging as well as through brands. I'm very lucky and I acknowledge that but it makes me feel like a hypocrite to continue doing so when I'm so jaded by the system I'm critiquing. 

I mean maybe it's because I'm studying to be a journalist and I have always wanted to be one that my instincts are always to follow the Code of Ethics as closely as possible, but blogging isn't considered journalism? Or at least, fashion blogging. It's so linked to having relationships with brands that acting independently can be really hard. Are we really independent fashion bloggers when we're all being courted by the same brands, hoping for the same shit, networking with the same people?

 I don't know. Just something to think about. 


safiya said...

Super cool!! You are the best Arabelle!!

Katrina said...

I'm excited to see your second fashion blogger video. I really did enjoy the first one. Also, I LOVE the collar on your shirt.

xoxo - http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

julia aka garconniere said...

in a dream world, i'd love to have a round table discussion with you, me, isabel from hipster musings, and other people who love fashion as much as they love journalism, to talk about why fashion blogging is not seen as a kind of journalism. part of me instinctively thinks it is partially due to gender discrimination, and having to always start an argument talking about why fashion isn't frivolous, but it's larger than that.

i was talking with iris from bossyfemme about what i hope to accomplish with my posts on my blog, and it turns out it's pretty similar to my goals when i'm working on a story for the radio show i work for. share information and stories, credit/celebrate the work that people do i find interesting, start conversations.

yet, for some reason, i'm still embarassed/ashamed when people i know in real life know about my blog... but will gladly tell you about all the radio stories i've worked on? what's up julia!

it's a curious conundrum, this one!

Narita said...

ARABELLE YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I am sure I want to do something in journalism - I'm just not sure whether it's going to be fashion journalism, music journalism, news journalism etc. because I sometimes feel like people don't take fashion journalism seriously and I love a lot of different things and nobody but me and a few friends will be interested in reading something that involves all of them.

Back to what I said before - I'm not sure if people take fashion journalism seriously. Fashion blogs in example... five years ago it was a rarity to find bloggers at fashion week. Then there was a big BOOM and bloggers suddently became a big thing in the industry. Maybe they're slowly fading away.

By the way, wikipedia thinks that fashion blogging ís journalism.

PS. since I'm Dutch and English education here isn't great I might have made some grammar faults that make me seem like a fool for journalism but I actually do sound more witty in my native language. I'm sorry.

Lydia said...

This is all definitely food for thought, and I totally agree with pretty much everything you've said in this post and other recent ones about similar stuff, but I kind of feel like there's also a "the rest of us" group of bloggers, who have never been approached by a brand for advertising or trying product, and for whom it isn't really a thing. I've been blogging a little over a year, which isn't very long, and I have a little over 100 followers, which isn't a tremendous amount, and have never been contacted by anyone about free merchandise. Although there are plenty of other blogs I read that are just as new as mine or newer, and have about the same amount of followers, who credit things they wear as "c/o" some company or another so I don't even know if all that matters.

I see an overabundance of "c/o" stuff happening on some blogs, where it seems like those bloggers barely buy anything for themselves, and it's a turn-off to me. Sometimes it makes me want to stop following them (if I follow them) because every single outfit is provided by some brand or another. However for me, this all seems a world away because no one has ever contacted me about free merchandise, and I'm also really not interested in receiving any. It kind of feels irrelevant to me, espesh since 99.9999% of my clothing is thrifted and I don't even know crap about most of these brands anyway.

Stef said...

Hi! I'm seriously looking forward to your next video. Your last one really encouraged me to start blogging again, because I finally found someone who had similar opinions on the state of fashion blogging as I do. I'd stopped a few years ago because it was all too much. I felt I could never measure up to the standard of popular blogs- and I couldn't. But I no longer want to.

I'm not really at the stage of blogging where I need to worry about relationships with brands, but I think that a quick look at IFB will show you what a lot of people starting blogging have in mind- making themselves into a brand and making it as easy as possible to get a sponsorship or partnership.

I think there are definitely blogs that are the opposite of independent, but yours is one of the most original blogs out there, if you ask me- in idea and execution. I never feel like I'm being cheated when I read your blog. You're sincere. So I don't think you need to worry.


diane said...

Proof, the shoes make the outfit. I have heard that so many times and it's true. Love those shoes.

K said...

Definitely agree with you about the brand name thing - I'm just a beginner fashion blogger but I intend to stay true to my style, wear only what I love, thrifting, vintage, etc. etc. Whether or not I get any brands coming after me (because, without trying to seem like I don't have faith in myself, I don't think they will and I dont really want them to), I'd like to at least THINK i'd be able to stand by this way of thinking.
I mean I could be wrong, it hasn't happened to me. But I'm hoping it wont :)

On another note - great outfit, love the collage-y-ness of this image!


Prince Cherr said...

Such a nice look, its cool to see you wearing brights :)
And I agree its such a hypocritical thing to be wearing something you wouldn't usually wear because it was gifted to you for a promo, when its supposed to be a style blog not a style ad!

Sarah said...

I love the collar on your shirt! It adds the perfect finishing touch to this outfit. Oh, and your hair is the epitome of awesomeness! xxx

Fidelia Salsabila said...

you always looking good :)


Magnet said...

You know, although I agree with a lot of your points and find what your thoughts intriguing. I don't know if I really care that much. About the whole 'issue' I mean, people are 'selling out' left, right and centre in the fashion blogosphere. That's life in general, people sell out, in a wide range of industries. I guess I'm not heavily invested in the whole issue because I don't actually discuss fashion related topics on my blog that often. I've turned down two offers for sponsorship now because the style of both the brands didn't really fit with my own style. A few weeks later I noticed quite a few bloggers wearing items gifted by one of the brands, it didn't really fit in with their style either. That was a little amusing. However, it didn't really bother me, I feel like it's almost pointless to worry about. I do enjoy reading your opinion though.

Anyway, great outfit as always.

Sasha Lane said...

I think you're one of the only "fashion blogs" I enjoy reading. Not only because, well, you actually write something for us to read but just because I don't get that feeling that you're merely just writing/posting/blogging for comments and views. That, I can really appreciate.

Pauline said...

You have a good point. I don't like it much when you see outfits on a fashion blog and everything has been gifted from someone else. Though, I don't think this is completely a problem as long as the gifted items fit your style, as long as you don't only wear those on your blog and as long as you MENTION that this has been gifted. I know that, when looking at fashion blogs, I don't take it the same way when I see that something has been bought by the blogger - who really LOVES this item - and when I see something that has been gifted. I always take into consideration that the piece is not necesseraly a personal choice of the blogger. But gifted items also made me discover new brands / websites that I really love so it's not all bad.

I think, as always, that it's all about balance. You should appreciate the perks of being a famous blogger without forgetting who you were when you first started.

I really enjoy your perspective on things and how seriously, honestly you take the industry. This makes your blog on of my fav to read :) xo


Style Astronaut said...

heehee! yeah i was gonna say, its a very you outfit! Which is definitely a good thing!


colorfulgiggle said...

love this retro style!


Ria said...

Plaid blazers always remind me of you.

Jenny said...

ahhhh something about this outfit WORKS

Taylor_88 said...

Like your shoes :) They´re amazing.