09 March 2012

time wrinkles

The background image is an old background of the CDG website. Everything is from Goodwill except for the shoes (c/o Wanted.)

  By all rights this is a pretty typical Arabelle outfit, I go for the same thing in different variations. For example: this jacket. I have a blue one VERY similar I've worn several times on the blog, and my friends have worn it, too (see: Scott). I dunno, patterned blazers are the easiest thing ever to wear to me. I could have one in every color and wear them every day for a month, year, etc, and be totally content. I prefer wearing darker looks now but I needed a break from all the black and silver I was wearing.

Now that I'm on spring break I can finally catch up on emails and posting and the sequel to my fashion blogging video. I want to go further into blogger relationships with brands and this idea of integrity and clarify that I don't want to make people feel bad about liking what they like even if it is trend driven. We all blog for different reasons but there is a lot to be said about blogging in hopes of getting sponsorship and free stuff rather than blogging because you want to tell your story. When you step back and realize that a good portion of every one of your posted outfits was sponsored by a brand you would otherwise never wear, you need to figure out your accountability and if you're being truthful to your readers. This applies to me as much as anyone else -- even though I primarily wear vintage and thrift, a good portion of my wardrobe was gifted to me, by friends I've made through blogging as well as through brands. I'm very lucky and I acknowledge that but it makes me feel like a hypocrite to continue doing so when I'm so jaded by the system I'm critiquing. 

I mean maybe it's because I'm studying to be a journalist and I have always wanted to be one that my instincts are always to follow the Code of Ethics as closely as possible, but blogging isn't considered journalism? Or at least, fashion blogging. It's so linked to having relationships with brands that acting independently can be really hard. Are we really independent fashion bloggers when we're all being courted by the same brands, hoping for the same shit, networking with the same people?

 I don't know. Just something to think about.