15 March 2012

wings of desire

Man, my spring break has been RAD so far. I decided not to sit on my butt all day and meet up with friends I rarely see and it has been just a week of self care and smiles. I don't have any 'outfity' photos but I have some I still want to share. This isn't so much as a style blog as my diary, anyway, and I'll treat it as such. So this post are just snapshots of my favorite moments of the past that have not been documented properly.

One of the only pictures from the best night ever that I can actually use because I do not look shitfaced, and also it is not from a photo agency that spelled my name wrong?? Thnx Leia. I did an outfit post in this outfit, but this is from the party Tavi held  that night. Still the best night ever. Proenza dress, Proenza necklace, Givenchy glasses, vintage sweater. 

This is from Hoot Mag, the day before the outfit above, I think...? Yeah I think so. Might have been the last day. This is such a boring outfit for me... I pretty much wear this every single day anyway, minus the cape and hat. Everything is thrifted minus the harness, which is of course Zana Bayne. When in doubt, BLACK! HARNESS! COLLAR! Out the door. 

My friend Christine and I. Isn't she super cute? I have a crush on her. (INTERNET REVELATIONS? It's no big deal it's not like tens of thousands of people read my blog or anything word won't get out...........hahahahahahahaha why am I still talking). Anyway this is from a super chill party. I like it because we're both really happy and I'm wearing my favorite sweater, and my makeup is artfully a mess. I approve of looking like a mess. Let your mascara smudge and your eyeshadow fade, cry in public, scream when you need to. It is okay. 

Beacon's Closet the other day with Sandy, Logan, Laurence, Tara. We had such a wonderful day together, I can't wait for all the photos to get developed. I'm only showing this photo because apparently it was sold  to Beacons the other day by another Rookie writer Jenny. I didn't end up getting it (no $!) but I thought the story was funny. CIRCLE OF ROOKIE LIFE? 

Tara and Laurence and I muggin 4 da cam. 

I match my salad. (Thrifted sunglasses, TEAMO blouse c/o Emerging Thoughts)

Well that is all I have to share for the moment -- happy moments with rad people. We took tons of photos in Brooklyn, Logan and Tara and Sandy and Laurence anyway, so when they get them developed they'll be up here too. But I'm off to bed because I have MORE SOCIALIZING to do tomorrow. I hope you are all happy and cared for and safe and loved, my friends. I'll talk to you soon.