12 March 2012

mansion of misery

Mmmmm, back to black. My friend Ari sent me this TAO blouse from where she works, 'cause she knew I'd love it. I seriously have the best friends -- they've given me most of my CDG collection?! I am completely spoiled, but I'm not gonna complain. It's not really a blouse, more of a layering piece, which I like. I reorganized / cleaned my closets yesterday afternoon and set aside this outfit to wear today just because. I haven't worn something so strange in awhile, it felt good and like myself.

 I have to wear more bizarre things once in awhile just to remind myself that I can. I like wearing lazy outfits a lot but it's the weird outfits that remind me that I can actually participate in fashion and create my own identity and not just wear lazy hipster shit and call it a day. Not that there is anything wrong with lazy hipster shit. My disco pants are honestly my favorite pants right now, I feel disgusting about it but whatever. At least I didn't buy them full price. I take labels very seriously I guess, but I still feel gross about buying AA even if it was for 60% off. I guess I care 'too much' about fashion. Whatever. It's part of my life, part of who I am, of course I care. How can I not care? It's not that I care about what others see me as, it's how I see myself. Self absorbed introspection, what can you do about it? Ah well. 

Jacket: Comme des Garcons 
Blouse: TAO Comme des Garcons (similar to this)
Dress: Calvin Klein (basically this dress, but long sleeved), thrifted
Belt: Zana Bayne

Felt like showing you guys my ''whats in your bag'' kind of deal. 

  • Rebecca Minkoff bag. I usually carry this around if I'm not carrying around a backpack. This was a gift from Socialyte.co. 
  • Gum & a journal to write in. This is a Simple Diary, you basically fill in a page, each page is different. It's nice to fill out on the subway when you get bored. This was a gift. I would bring around my actual writing journal but it's too big for this bag, so I keep it in my backpack. 
  • Wallet. Yawn. 
  • Makeup: NARS Schiap, my favorite lipstick of the moment, and my favorite liquid and pencil eyeliners, brow gel, lip balm, and powder
  • iPhone. Ugh, I wish. This is basically a brick now, after taking this picture I had to go bring it to the cell phone store to try to get it fixed. I'm gonna have to sell it, it doesn't work on TMobile anymore. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 now. I miss the iPhone for instagram and the cute cases I got from Iconemesis, though. They have the cutest cases & I'm going to miss having the occasion to use them. People asked me where I got my cases from all the time when I had a usable iphone, I always directed them to this website. So many cute cases. ;__; 


Katrina said...

I'm so in love with your pretty purple hair <3

xoxo - http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

Lydia said...

I kind of do that too, wear weird things to remind myself that I can. Then I find that I mostly wear weird things, and it feels strange to wear something really basic.

Abbie said...

I want your purple hair!


Andie Bottrell said...

Nice to feel like yourself, nice also to sometimes be someone else.

Fidelia Salsabila said...

great blouse and dress :)


Ria said...

Love the outfit, so very you. Love the bag and the Simple Diary. Sadzies I won't see your pretty face on my instagram feed anymore.

meagan said...

oooh, i love the idea of jotting down thoughts and feelings on real paper, and carrying it around with you each day.
also your outfit is BOSS.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Adore your outfit! Your hair is gorgeous <3 X


canvas prints said...

Loving the hair and the blouse is lovely, you so lucky!

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills said...

I am in love with your top!

Sarah said...

Your hair is the closest thing to perfection I've ever seen! xxx

Josie said...

I love your outfit. It's looks so chic yet comfortable. I should break away from my lazy hipster outfits more often than I do. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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