12 March 2012

mansion of misery

Mmmmm, back to black. My friend Ari sent me this TAO blouse from where she works, 'cause she knew I'd love it. I seriously have the best friends -- they've given me most of my CDG collection?! I am completely spoiled, but I'm not gonna complain. It's not really a blouse, more of a layering piece, which I like. I reorganized / cleaned my closets yesterday afternoon and set aside this outfit to wear today just because. I haven't worn something so strange in awhile, it felt good and like myself.

 I have to wear more bizarre things once in awhile just to remind myself that I can. I like wearing lazy outfits a lot but it's the weird outfits that remind me that I can actually participate in fashion and create my own identity and not just wear lazy hipster shit and call it a day. Not that there is anything wrong with lazy hipster shit. My disco pants are honestly my favorite pants right now, I feel disgusting about it but whatever. At least I didn't buy them full price. I take labels very seriously I guess, but I still feel gross about buying AA even if it was for 60% off. I guess I care 'too much' about fashion. Whatever. It's part of my life, part of who I am, of course I care. How can I not care? It's not that I care about what others see me as, it's how I see myself. Self absorbed introspection, what can you do about it? Ah well. 

Jacket: Comme des Garcons 
Blouse: TAO Comme des Garcons (similar to this)
Dress: Calvin Klein (basically this dress, but long sleeved), thrifted
Belt: Zana Bayne

Felt like showing you guys my ''whats in your bag'' kind of deal. 

  • Rebecca Minkoff bag. I usually carry this around if I'm not carrying around a backpack. This was a gift from Socialyte.co. 
  • Gum & a journal to write in. This is a Simple Diary, you basically fill in a page, each page is different. It's nice to fill out on the subway when you get bored. This was a gift. I would bring around my actual writing journal but it's too big for this bag, so I keep it in my backpack. 
  • Wallet. Yawn. 
  • Makeup: NARS Schiap, my favorite lipstick of the moment, and my favorite liquid and pencil eyeliners, brow gel, lip balm, and powder
  • iPhone. Ugh, I wish. This is basically a brick now, after taking this picture I had to go bring it to the cell phone store to try to get it fixed. I'm gonna have to sell it, it doesn't work on TMobile anymore. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 now. I miss the iPhone for instagram and the cute cases I got from Iconemesis, though. They have the cutest cases & I'm going to miss having the occasion to use them. People asked me where I got my cases from all the time when I had a usable iphone, I always directed them to this website. So many cute cases. ;__;