11 January 2012

rainbow blood and sequin horns

A few months ago -- okay more than a few, time flies -- I got together with an amazingly talented photographer and makeup artist and we did two different shoots in one day. Here are photos from one of them. Details will be running on the makeup and hair over at powderdoom later on in the week (to be determined, our queue is always changing). I'm so happy how they came out, and so in awe of Meagan and Candice's work.

I don't want to SPOIL YOU ALL and show you all of the photos at once, so here are the few of several. It was super fun to do this shoot, I used all of my own wardrobe and just wore stuff I do usually. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear, actually. All of it is vintage and/or thrifted, with the exception of the shoes, which are from some sex store ($40 steez) and the clips, which are from ban.do that they kindly let me borrow for the shoot and was sad to send back. 

The purpose of this particular shoot was just to have fun, start with a blank canvas and bring it -- and my outfit choices -- into life and color. We started off with a essentially a very white outfit, plainer hair, then built up the color palette of my clothes and the makeup and the hair and I went to town with paint. It was really, really fun, and I still have the canvass somewhere in my house. That blazer still has some orange paint on one of the cuffs as a fond reminder. 

Styling and modeling: Me.
Makeup and Hair: Candice Crawford 
Photography: Meagan Cignoli 

Anyway, the blogs 4 year anniversary is around the corner -- Saturday! -- and also my 19th birthday -- also Saturday, lolz. I'll put up some more photos from the shoot then, and also a surprise for you. :) Thanks for sticking around.