27 January 2012

my birthday blouse

If you follow me on instagram (my username is fashionpirate, natch) and twitter you'll know that when I went to Opening Ceremony with Meagan I got myself a Rodarte (for OC) blouse. Well this is it! It was heavily on sale, just like many other pieces from the collection. I've got one of the dresses on my wishlist and it's within reach so I might buy one....or two. I really liked the collection, at least the pieces that are available in black. WESTERN GOTH DREAMZ. 

 This is admittedly a more risque piece for me to wear (boobies!) but I don't really care. I have some fashion tape and pasties so when I wear this out my ickle buds (ugly laughter) aren't saying hi to anybody. 

Skirt: Thrifted (and seen before in this post, along with several others)
Saggy as all hell tights: I don't know. Probably Satan planted them in my drawer bc I hate them. 
Clear Creepers: Some Halloween store online? $20. Also seen before on the blog. 

P.S You can click on the images to make them bigger now, they won't link to Flickr. Progress!