20 January 2012

parrots and zebras and curtains as dresses


Ughhhh I forget how to pose for outfit photos. I'm just like "OK HOW DO I SMILE" and then I look at the photos and I have the same soulless smile in all of them oh well. At least I'm pretty. (And modest, too!)  Oh yeah, I was boring and instead of going green like I'd planned in December I just redyed my hair purple. I'm so used to it now, it's like my natural hair color to me. Anyway, I wanted to take photos of this dress Meagan got for me at Opening Ceremony over the weekend when we went shopping. She is so so generous and lovely and one of my favorite people period, we have lots in common re: how we view fashion and the blogosphere, feminism and personal politics. I hope she moves to New York so we can hang out more, I miss her already. 


Cardigan: Rodarte x Target, gift from Tavi 
Dress: Opening Ceremony, gift from Meagan 
Brown Jacket: Gift from my mom
Vintage Jacket: Gift from one of my HS teachers


When were were in OC we tried on a bunch of stuff, but we have very similar taste so the people helping us accidentally put everything we both wanted onto one rack/dressing room. It was funny. Anyway, I got myself a Rodarte top (you'll see in another post) and might go back for a dress but I'll wait until I have more saved up. Even if the sale discounts are really good I don't have $$$$ to spend every week. I've been really bad with temptation this month. But I haven't purchased any new clothes in....man, I honestly can't even remember how long. Maybe since....November. I have enough clothes, and I've been focusing my style to a very specific point, and I have everything I need and can afford to achieve the style I want at the moment, so I haven't felt the need to buy new stuff.


Anyway, I hope I did the dress justice in these photos, for Meagan stipulated that I had to take LOTS of photos in it if she were to buy it for me. So I did and these are the best ones I think. You'll see me in it a lot though -- I have a bagillion ideas as to how to wear it. So happy. Thank you thank you thank you! I have the sweetest and most generous friends.