08 September 2011

army of goth


I've been wanting a harness -- or seven -- from my girl Zana for awhile, but we all know how decisive I am about purchases. I am the opposite of an impulse shopper, really. I've been debating which harnesses to buy for like, a year, and I finally decided to spring for the Oxford Harness because it's been calling my name ever since I first laid eyes on it. Zana surprised me by including a RED one, I almost cried when I opened my package! Guess she knew I'm having a red moment. Either way, I'm so surprised and so so thankful for her generosity.  And they came just in time to make it's debut at the shows tomorrow.


No outfit post with these right now, I'm off to finish wrapping up FW plans. You'll definitely see outfits with these harnesses in the VERY NEAR FUTURE though, pinky promise.



Dodo said...

Those are really great! Lucky you!

Lydia said...

Ahhhh so cool! Can't wait to see them in action.

Magnet said...

OMFG, you lucky, LUCKY girl!! I've also been wanting a harness for like, EVER. I've never been able to find the money and decide which one I want though :( the oxford harness is also one which I'm thinking about. I'm hoping I'll get some cash for my 21st bday in November and finally purchase one then.

Sammi said...

Love it so much!

The Rule of Mr Kane said...

Great blog!
love it!!