16 May 2013

smoke and ladders


Schools out for summer! I guess I have lots to talk about -- like the CDG Archive Sale! I bought a bunch of stuff, now I am close to my goal. When I came home I just stared at my room with utter disgust at all the stuff I have though, so I spent the past few days cleaning out my closet and decluttering because I have so, so many unique items I've thrifted and whatnot, but so little of it fits where I am going aesthetically. Not really into super kawaii, sequin frills. I need a little bit of wrongness, you know? I'm trying to figure out a place to host a blogger flea market or something in NYC or Brooklyn with a few other babes -- if you've got a spot or an idea, let me know. I just want my clothes gone!

Anyway, this is not one of the pieces I purchased at the Archive Sale, if you thought it was -- it's been on the blog before actually. I thought I'd photograph it with this dress because it's a bit of an unexpected match; the dress is Pinkyotto (c/o) -- similar here -- and it's so, so sweet. I actually got a skirt, and two dresses at the Archive Sale and easily could have convinced myself into two other pieces but I have to keep a budget so I can travel semi-comfortably later in the summer. Eeeee, London in August!!!!!!! I work really hard at school and at my freelance jobs but spending my own money on the ticket and at the Archive Sale made me hyperventilate both times respectively but there is really nothing like being able to do something for yourself that you really love and care about all on your own. I guess that is what being an adult feels like, a little.

Pardon my Helga Pataki mid-walk stance, being this cute just comes naturally. Oh yeah -- I guess this is the fashion blog debut of my new hair, too, huh? Got it done a few weeks ago. My hair grows super fast so I've already been to the salon to shave the undercut twice. I love the buzzer. 

Hope all is well (and I'll be posting more often now because I'm out of school, I promise!) -- Arabelle