21 May 2013

chopped up victorian modern

I'm totally in love with this little alley for photos, perhaps you'll get tired of it soon but I won't! I think the industrial, airy, distressed quality of it is quite beautiful and is much more suitable for my outfits and like.. general existence... than a garden or a sidewalk. I'm not outdoorsy at all. Anyway, this skirt is one of my new CDG pieces that I purchased at the Archive sale. 

I'm wearing it with a TAO blouse my friend Ari gave to me awhile ago. It's pretty shapeless and strange, the way I wore it today is completely different from the way I wore it last time. I don't know if there really is a right way to wear CDG? I like it that way, though, the possibilities. Both the skirt and the blouse have weird details that make it look probably just plain wrong to strangers but that's half the fun, really. 

Outfit details: 
One Spo Blazer (my friend Massiel's, who took these photos)
TAO Comme des Garcons Capelet Top worn as Blouse (similar)
Comme des Garcons Skirt (similar)
Feminine and Masculine 1954x Shoes (c/o)