26 May 2013

parachute pants and james deen impressions

While cleaning my closet some days ago I came across a drawer full of cool pants I have very rarely if ever worn, they're all vintage pants my mom made or wore when she was around my age. These wool parachute pants were one of them. I think she made them herself, I haven't bothered to ask her though. How can she like these but then call my new CDG skirt ugly?! The world may never know.

I am wearing that TAO blouse again (you can see more of the details without the jacket right?), along with these ridiculous but wonderful shoes. Walking on cobblestone in these was way fun -- not. But they are beautiful and I suffer through it. Every time I wear them, I complain but they also make every outfit better so it's really just talk.

Hope all is well. x Arabelle