20 October 2012

celia visits

I've been grossed out and grumpy towards the internet lately (bye tumblr) but I love my internet babies and when Celia said she was coming to town I naturally was first to hog up her social calendar so I could touch her hair fondly and bond over sugary alcoholic drinks with her. Tyler is also as babely in person and I just really enjoy hanging out with them both because it was just the most natural thing ever, like we don't live  in different countries but actually around the corner from each other. I seldom bring my camera with me places so these are from her and Tyler.

I find it very amusing that she and Tyler both tower over me (not hard to do, I'm 5ft 2) that even on this platform she's still taller than me. THIS IS WHY I HARDLY EVER WEAR FLATS. Also bummed that black on black on black outfits are so hard to photograph? This looked way better in person.

Me figuring out directions to the nearest thrift store. We went to Beacons and Odd Vintage and I bought some nice stuff. Some outfit details: 

Vintage dress, gift from my local vintage store, I did a post on them ages ago here.  Jacket is also a gift and repeat seen here  (Comme des Garcons), bag is c/o Rebecca Minkoff. Shoes were a gift from Elizabeth. Pin c/o Luna on the Moon. Very lucky and humbled about all of it. 

Inside Odd Twin vintage, place that caught my eye from across the street so we all went in and it was destiny. (we met up with Celia's friend Billy and Billy's friend). It's a really great vintage store with reasonable prices, gonna be a pitstop for me for sure. 

I'll do a haul video or something with all the stuff I've gotten recently to show you all 'cause I doubt I'll get around to doing individual outfit posts. To note: Alice + Olivia grey jacket that defies description, Zac Posen skirt, weird knit sweatervest, transparent plastic blazer. Amaze. 

See ya.