26 October 2012

Eleven Objects Spring 2013 Appreciation Life

Been a fan of the Eleven Objects girls from the start [see this post], and I make it a point to stop by their studio whenever I can do fawn over their works in person. So happy that they are getting recognition from magazines like NYLON etc, I wanna see their designs on every cute twenty something celebrity (and Kimbra. Mostly Kimbra.) I wanna be able to buy them and support them -- why aren't they stocked at Opening Ceremony or Jeffrey????? C'MON MAN.

Anyway. I wanted to share with you their latest lookbook that they sent over. I couldn't attend their last preview because of school and work commitments so this is the first time I've seen what I missed and I am a thousand percent obsessed and am going to be bothering them constantly to have an opportunity to stare at everything IRL.

Look 1: Leopard printed calf hair rounded collar, Silk organza collar sleeves with feather embroidery, Silk crepe peplum jacket with cork and silver leaf, Silk crepe skirt. Look 2: Croc embossed patent leather rounded collar, silk faille with leopard printed calf hair peplum jacket, bees brocade skirt.
Look 3: Bees brocade collar with crystal embroidery, Leopard printed silk charmeuse collar sleeves, Striped Silk Charmeuse bra top, Velvet Skirt with feathers, Silk Faille Skirt.  Look 4: Cork with silver leaf collar, Silk Crepe Top with feathers and vinyl, vinyl peplum belt with cotton Swiss lace applique.

Look 5: Mirrored leather collar with silver spikes, Snakeskin printed silk collar sleeves, pearl body jewelry, mirrored leather skin belt, snakeskin printed silk georgette draped shorts. Look 6: Latex and feather collar, leopard printed charmeuse bra top, bees brocade skirt belt, silk organza skirt with feather trim.

You can see the entire collection here, the collars specifically here, and see people wearing their collars (including myself) here.

Honestly 11O is one of my favorite NYC brands. They make me excited about fashion. :') I just wanted to share them with you all. What're your favorite small designer labels you wish got more rep?


Catty said...

Karla Spetic, Lover, Romance Was Born and Kinoak!

Arabelle said...

i LOVE Romance was Born! i did a post on them so long ago. i think it's time to revisit them. Haven't heard of kinoak or Karla Spectic -- gonna check em out. thanks for the comment. :)

Cristy said...

I like looks two and four!

Kate said...

Wow! amazing clothes!


Elyse E said...

You're right it's a killer collection! Love it!! :)
Elyse xo

Jo said...

Oh my goodness, the feather peplum is incredible!

Great post xxx

Norah said...

Oooh, I love the flare in the skirts. That silhouette is super flattering!
Small designers. . . I don't really know many. How did you come across 11O? Do you look for small designers or do they just show up?

victoria uren said...

oh my GOD look #5

Rosalie Green said...

Wow I love them all, beautiful!

Jessica W said...

Gahhhh too good! I'm glad they're getting some recognition!
In terms on designers that need greater appreciation: Jimmy D (you'll dig him) and Zambesi deserve SO MUCH MORE INTERNATIONAL CRED. Both NZ designers.
Speaking of NZ people, Kimbra went to my school. Cool girl :)

Constance said...

Your blog is so awesome!!


Camillia said...

This is amazing *____* love look 3, 5, and 6 the most <3 Haven't got any small designer labels to share, but there's Peter Do, who's an FIT student and his works are all spikes and black leather, which I think you'd like.