07 September 2012

Kimberly Ovitz SS2013

My fashion week this season is really low key -- more concerned with seeing friends and Rookie things* than I am with anything else. But the shows that I have been attending have been wonderful and I am happy to share my experience with you as much as I can. The first show I went to was Kimberly Ovitz -- I love her #lesbianchic (was that snarky cc: style.com? I'm mostly amused) situation, there were some looks I'd love to wear head to toe. It reminded me a lot of my friend Kristin actually, very sexy cool. I am just so INSPIRING with my fashion reviews, hmmm? Regardless of my ineptitude at describing the show verbally, here are some photos. It felt like a really sacred show, minimal music, barefoot, slow walking models. It felt just really fucking cool.

As always, click the photos for better viewing experience

^ This was my favorite look AND my favorite model. 

I've seen that rope knitwear idea in every show and presentation I've seen thus far. Trendspotting. 

Anyway, now I'm going to go to bed early and snuggle with my new Rookie Yearbook! Speaking of which, I'm going to be reading @ the Rookie Yearbook celebration Sunday, if you're in NYC you should come. The deets are on Rookie and the Rookie tumblr. ♥