08 September 2012

Eckhaus Latta SS2013

Little obsessed with the models in the back.


Really into the Echaus Latta presentation too, it was more of a performance piece than models staring into space, though I couldn't capture that aspect. I wanna see this stuff up close at a showroom and see it better -- last season Eckhaus Latta used plastic to make this kind of shearling coat I saw at Opening Ceremony and it was really cool, I bet they did the same thing, or something similar, with some of these seemingly simplistic garments. 


Ladyfairy closet said...

Nice collection and good show!
XOXO, Ladyfairy


Maren said...

Great pictures! Love the clothes, they're very cute!


apa essay format said...

Lovely pictures really...I like the collection of the wardrobes very much...models are looking awesome in those dresses there..hope to gain more from you..

michelle angeline said...

woah i love it! great collection

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing collection! Love it x


☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

gorgeous. love all the photos i've been seeing of this collection, but i'd love to see some video from it!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how you're so quick to defend Rookie, when, as of yet, we're still seeing, little to none, Asian people in the publication. Dude, get a grip. Seriously.

Designer Handbags said...

What great pictures! Love the designer styles!