17 September 2012

Stairway to Massiel (Not Heaven because We Don't Have All Day. Also, Athiesm)

Remember my really weird blog titles I used to do that were all inside jokes nobody from the internet understood but my friends irl did? Yeah. Anyway. My friend Massiel (a recurring visitor to this blog in photographs, if you have been around long enough) came over to my dorm to hang out and take photos with me, in fact she's on her way to my house to take more today and be my makeup mannequin for Rookie. Here are some photos we took yesterday:







Shoes: H&M, Vintage, Vivienne Westwood. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff c/o  Jewelry: Cities in Dust from Emerging Thoughts. Clothes by Dusen Dusen.

In case you were wondering -- this is a collaboration between Emerging Thoughts & I. This is my second season as the Dusen Dusen girl. Really into the wave skirt and shirts in particular, and the sweater is SO comfy. You should be able to buy all of these pieces, including the jewelry, starting this week from Lauren's store.