25 May 2010

this is the post that was supposed to happen

Several days of amusement and procrastination in one post.




Went to the local flea market with my friend Massiel and explored. This is city hall, it's very beautiful.
- - - -




Scored quite a a few things, all very saccharine and girly and not particularly my thing but too cute to pass up. They've all got a few flaws -- the last dress is beautiful (it reminds me of Atonement actually? Random?) but there are a few stains, and one of the sleeves is ripped and the bust doesn't fit very well. But it was too pretty to leave. I got a few portraits of my favorite old film stars and a flower garland as well. 8 bones.

I dunno. Summer and Spring, I love them a lot for the long days, but I can never figure out what to wear because layering is basically all I like doing. It's weird trying to adjust, I find myself wearing really simple, bright, girly outfits a lot when I'd rather be in a deconstructed trenchcoat and a pile of raggedy lace. Bluhhh.