01 May 2010

Jose Duran 2010

Jose Duran Fall 2010 Collection. Director - Daniel Garcia ; Stylist - RenĂ© Garza ; DP - Ruben O’Malley ; EP - Steve Choo Choreography - Elena Vazintaris ; Models - Indiamara @ IMG models & Megan Black @ Basic models ; Make-up - Agata Smentek, Hair - Marco Guglielmino ; Music - The Editors - In This Light & On This Evening

My new friend René styled this video... it's totally dope and makes me feel like the legacy Lee left us isn't gone, you know? I still have no idea what's to become of McQueen as a House but when I see awesome stuff like Duran's work it makes me think the big hole that's been left isn't going to be aching for ever. That being said, no one will ever be Mcqueen, but this collection is something I'm really looking forward to.

Randomness: we're doing jewelry pendant in art class and my teacher thought my tribute to the mcqueen shoe was too fugly. D:< I'm doing it anyway. I'm making a unicorn, technically, but I'm going to make it wear the mcqueen shoes. Compromise is awesome!!!1