19 June 2010

real life is so unreal

I've been thinking too much I think. And busy. When I am less busy I will tell you all about what I am busy with. Soon! I think.

This is what I wore today. Leather shorts I've had for years, I think... they started everything. I mean, for the blog, with publications (speaking of, if you can find me the latest issue of Elle Korea, please do! I am in it.), I was Teen Vogue's girl of the week in these shorts. And then I was in Teen Vogue, and then I was in The New York Times, and then everything else (I am probably getting the order mixed up actually. It's been a few years....)

I think what I mean is that these shorts might have been the beginning of the blog.

real life is so unreal
Everything is vintage except the wonderful pompom necklace Yokoo was kind enough to send me last summer. 

A poem by one of my favorite poets, Michael Cirelli.


I can't tell if I'm happy or not, but I'm certainly not sad. Does that makes sense? I'm restless, and I'm sometimes bored, and I'm sometimes wasting time, but I'm not sad, but I'm not floating on euphoria either. I think I'm happy. I know I will be insanely, deliriously happy this summer and maybe even in a few days when all of my favorite people are where they should be -- with me! -- but I..... I don't know. I think the word I'm looking for is hopeful.

Yeah. I'm restless, but I'm hopeful.

Hope everything is going well with you guys. Love you very much.