11 January 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes and random things from last year

Been pondering what shoes to buy for fashion week or which ones to fix and figured a photo dump would be just fine for my musings. I went to Jeffrey's with Kristin the other day for a day of filming for French TV (Hi French people, please send me scans of the Elle article I was in? I never got one.) and spent most of the time making fun of her Balenciaga addiction -- yeah I'm one to talk right -- and fondling the Nina Ricci's and Proenzas on sale. If I had $420 to drop I would run back there and snap up the Nina Ricci fetish shoes so fast you don't even unnnastannnndddd.

Anyway. Back to shoes I like.

The two pairs above are by Andreia Chaves, and they are definitely making the rounds around the blogs, but here they are in case you haven't seen them. KINDA GORGEOUS AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

Here's a quote on her influences, which are not surprising but obviously totally awesome:

With influences such as Maison Martin Margiela, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake., it’s clear that Chaves appreciates designers who provoke – and shatter - common perceptions that people hold. Chaves is currently focusing on her final collection – an exploration about the moving body - which is to be presented in February 2010.

Totally dope.

shoes shoes shoes

Randomhalf outfit from last year:

I swear I don't wear these pants everyday, I just feel like taking pictures when I wear them. xD