14 January 2010

happy big three, blog, and happy seventeen to me!

Dang, I'm seventeen today! And the blog is three. That is so strange to me... I've been reading blogs/blogging myself as long as I've been in high school! I've gone through a bunch of friendships, some with more meaning than others, gone through so many artistic phases, and yet I still find it exciting to put together a new post (though taking outfit photos will always be the bane of my existence because my parents are still unsupportive of me blogging.... whatever.).

To be honest I didn't think it'd even last this long, ha. But I'm glad it did. Thank you for reading and waiting patiently for me to post even though I don't post nearly as often as I want to. In a perfect world I would post elaborate photoshoots of my outfits and have interviews with drugged up grandmothers (easily my greatest inspiration at the moment) and maybe I'll be able to once I go to college / move out of my parents house. Here's to hoping for a great year for FP and for you and me alike.


Things I've been doing besides blogging... zining. LOL OLD FASHION BLOGGING. I'm forever an art nerd I guess. This is my usual setup on my bed... I surround myself with books, bad music (DBSK and Dylan in the same playlist. Can you dig it, man?), good pens and my journal and post-its so I can take notes and dissect everything I read.

My blogging process has changed without me really feelin' it... I journal, then I edit my journal entries into posts (like the street style one a few posts down). I'll eventually get around to scanning you guys a few of the inspiration boards I've been making I think...


But mostly I've been into zining. Here are a few in the making. After I'm done sending out a few to my friends as New Years Presents / whatever I think I'll make a monthly zine or something that you guys can buy for like $2. If you guys would dig that.

The one on the right is one I'm most excited about.. if you wanna contribute to it just scan me over a letter you haven't sent out (like, you wrote it, but you never had the guts to send it to the person) and background on why you never sent it out and I'll put yours in there and send you the zine for free.

Random inspiration:





P.S I am dyeing my hair indigo soon! BE PREPARED FOR THE AWESOME.

P.P.S Here is the link to all the asian street style blogs I peruse. They are in a huge list because there was NO WAY I was going to show picture examples of the style they shoot.. so just click randomly I guess? Hopefully you like them as much as I do!