28 January 2010

my hair isn't indigo yet. also, i have turned goth (break out the screamo)

i scheduled my hair appointment so it's a few days before fashion week, so that way the first picture you'll probably see of it will be at the tents! I'm excited. Anyway.




LOOK, ARABELLE HAS TURNED INTO A FASHION ZOMBIE IN ALL BLACK A LA KRISTIN! (I give her so much crap but she knows I love her.) I literally wear this jacket with everything. It is my baby. My one and only. My love. My girlfriend. My own personal wanna be Yohji. (Chanel Yohji collection, holler~)

When I saw it the first time in Goodwill I literally screamed: "YOHJIIIII AHH~" and everyone in the store thought I was crazy. But they usually think that anyway since I buy the strangest things they have.

Anyway, this is the most black I've ever worn, really. My black is slowly taking over my closet.. it's kind of weird. I own officially 8 items of black, which is more than I've ever had in my life. I'm trying to just collect more black and leather because they're the most challenging to layer and drape for me. I'm fearless with patterns, but black scares me because it can be so dull. So it's a new challenge! This isn't my favorite outfit by far when it comes to my "blackdom", but oh well, I'm learning.

I'll show you a better outfit soon (hahaha right) that shows off the jacket; really this picture was on accident.


Also this is my school staircase. Say hi to High School. And my Zune. I was listening to Sorry Sorry and singing along. BADLY.