28 January 2010

my hair isn't indigo yet. also, i have turned goth (break out the screamo)

i scheduled my hair appointment so it's a few days before fashion week, so that way the first picture you'll probably see of it will be at the tents! I'm excited. Anyway.




LOOK, ARABELLE HAS TURNED INTO A FASHION ZOMBIE IN ALL BLACK A LA KRISTIN! (I give her so much crap but she knows I love her.) I literally wear this jacket with everything. It is my baby. My one and only. My love. My girlfriend. My own personal wanna be Yohji. (Chanel Yohji collection, holler~)

When I saw it the first time in Goodwill I literally screamed: "YOHJIIIII AHH~" and everyone in the store thought I was crazy. But they usually think that anyway since I buy the strangest things they have.

Anyway, this is the most black I've ever worn, really. My black is slowly taking over my closet.. it's kind of weird. I own officially 8 items of black, which is more than I've ever had in my life. I'm trying to just collect more black and leather because they're the most challenging to layer and drape for me. I'm fearless with patterns, but black scares me because it can be so dull. So it's a new challenge! This isn't my favorite outfit by far when it comes to my "blackdom", but oh well, I'm learning.

I'll show you a better outfit soon (hahaha right) that shows off the jacket; really this picture was on accident.


Also this is my school staircase. Say hi to High School. And my Zune. I was listening to Sorry Sorry and singing along. BADLY.


Isabel said...

That jacket is EXCELLENT! Way to challenge yourself, dude. Pretty sure you excelled.

alison said...

I love those shoes. Your high school is lucky to have you! You look way cooler than any goths in my high school in the 90's!

Ganymede Girl said...

I wish that I dressed as good as you when I was in high school.

Gabriela said...

Love the shoes, I actually love black is the real color!

Lucy in the Sky said...

I LOVE your jacket! If I was at Goodwill and saw you at the checkout with that jacket, I wouldn't be weirded out...I'd be jealous... :b

gabby paulina said...

i love your shoes! and the results of your challenge :)

Lori said...

your jacket is from goodwill? i never find anything as good as that at my store. black is my favorite color to wear so im glad that you are starting to wear it more (although your style was great to begin with anyways ;) )

Hazel said...

Oh man that song is hella catchy! ♫ Sorry sorry sorry sorry naega naega naega meonjeo nege nege nege ppajyeo
ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby shawty shawty shawty shawty-- you get the point!

louise or valentine said...

you are pulling off the all black look pretty well, i must say!

fucking awesome jacket to, b tee dubs

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Ria said...

You need to be doing the "sorry sorry" dance.

sandra said...

amazing! Feel free to visit my blog page...;-)

Annika said...

i love those shoes. and don't emo's listen to screamo? i might be wrong....but wotever XD
i just love your outfit. i wish i could pull it off and look as beautiful as you in it!


mykindamagazine@gmail.com said...

Beautiful total black look!
These shoes are more than gorgeous :)

Dodo said...

With the right items black can be so loveable! Just go and buy non-basics, just like that gorgeous jacket :]

diane said...

OMG you got exactly the same cigarette spam that Chris did from Some Days it's Not Worth Chewing Through the Leather Straps. How do these spammers find us?
Anywhooo, your thrift store is a fantasy for me, because our thrift stores around here sell stuff like worn slippers and old bras.

KD said...

Ooooh yes, love love love the jacket! I'm digging the outfit as well. Do you get any crap from teachers about the way you dress? My school is pretty liberal but my science teacher is very conservative and doesn't like me at all. Sometimes when I say Hi to her in the hallways, she just looks me up and down reeeeeeeeally obviously and doesn't even return my greeting.

Buttercup Heart Star. said...

I love the dress!
Its so exciting when you find a great piece at a goodwill or vintage store, what a find!

Tiny Quirks said...

i'm sure it'll look AMAZING! so excited to see it!

l´habitué said...

I have always loved black, it's my favorite for any ocasion. Actually I am trying to the the opposite and letting some patterns into my closet!


Marina Siero said...

great shoes and nice outfit!!


the style spotter said...

yayyy all black!


the StReeT chanteuse said...

ufff, I loves it!
that jacket is so intense....
also I love when you said, "black scares me because it can be so dull." because it's so true, black can pretty much go one of two ways: either really boring or really powerful. the way you wore it was far from boring! would have never known that you don't wear black often, you're a pro

Soooali said...

Mmmm the jacket is so gorgeous!

Luxe. said...

Ohh my gosh I cant wait to see your hair!!.x

Shopper said...

Gorgeous jacket! I love your shoes too.

And you look superb in black. Rest High Schoolers can hide.

Ross said...

THOSE SHOES...............................................................................................................are so pretty.

Arabelle said...

KD - actually my school is pretty supportive of me, i guess you could say. one time i got a standing ovation! ha. the only teacher that's actually outspokenly critical of me is one of the math teachers, she tries to give me detention all the time but other teachers get me out of it or i can argue out of it because of loopholes in the dress code policy.

the other day i was wearing my crinoline as a skirt + a hairbow and she said the crinoline was underwear and we argued for about five minutes and she left me alone. yup.

Laura. said...

the jacket is lovely

jealous your off to fashion week can't wait to see the hair though.

High school doesn't know whats hit them!


'Lee said...

your jacket and boots are amazing.

Theory of a fashion victim

Emm said...

cute shoes =)
so what are the best asian street style sites/blogs?

(p.s. go hogwarts)


Glamour Bbey. said...

Love your shoes!


Michele said...

Wow GREAT jacket! I actually have the opposite problem, I'm really trying to wear more colourful clothes, instead of always wearing black.

BraviaOutlet.com said...

Love the shoes. And I love black. I think it's very chic.

michelle_ said...

the jacket and the boots are a total bomb ! you must be the most stylish person in your high school !

hope you've had a great weekend..

stylestalker said...

i absolutely love black on black. there will never be a a new black. haha

Reese Lansangan said...

Your jacket is absolute SMEX, I don't even know. I just gasped inwardly when I saw it and saved it in zoomed form. :)

Silk Ties & Striped Shirts said...

Gorgeous outfit! Your shoes are so beautiful

somaya said...

I love your shoes i have a similar pair with a slightly less squared peep toe, if that makes sense! I love your zines and i cant wait to see more on them, i used to make books filled with strange findings and images, i still do.


somaya said...

: )

the materialist said...

Oh man, i sure wish people in my highschool dressed like you,my life would be a tad bit happier.


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a. said...

this dress is such pretty. has some grave-beauty which i really like.

Kyan Blue said...

The 'Sorry Sorry' dance MV is in black and white. Connection? Maybe? ;)

See, this is how all-black outfits are supposed to be like: DETAILS and TEXTURES and VISUAL INTEREST, not black-shirt-black-pants-black-shoes.

I like it.

hopewell said...

i love your clothes!
goth is a good choice - black is very versatile.

and happy birthday xx

Lisette said...

Nice blog!
I follow you =)
Do you follow me back?


randi bergman said...

great GREAT outfit!


Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up many another emo backgrounds 2 my blog

betz said...

i love your shoes dear! spread style...


ps. i left you an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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Nicci said...

I kind of want to vomit this post was so good. Love the jacket, great find.

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Adela said...

that dress is so adorable!


JLM[X] said...

you said screamo, so here's what you asked for:

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I love your luscious hair!

AMIT said...

Just great post and the jacket is so lovely.

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eda said...


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You are trying to just collect more black and leather because they're the most challenging to layer and drape for you and I think this outfit is my favorite but I can't wear.

S-laith 青 said...

You are so dead cool

(No sarcasm intended)

Anonymous said...

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i am me, effy. said...

add green skin and youve got elphaba.

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Anonymous said...

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