03 February 2009

Wore this around the house, I have actually be washing and rewearing these pants like.. the entire week. They clash/go with everything. I feel very ~mellow with them on. I wore them with a blue and white checkered skirt and a yellow knit skirt on top of that (the bw skirt, worn lumpy was the first thing I wore that reminded me of Comme. The lump collection. It was the first collection I really fell in love with out of any designer collection ever.)

So this vest thing you can't see at all behind my Gloomy Bear is from Another Man's Treasure, a local vintage store that is pretty much the best thing since white on rice. Meika and Warren are the nicest people ever, and they will not judge you if you buy dodgy books called "The Happy Hooker" which is precisely as slutty as it sounds like.

So, these are the outtakes of the Teen Vogue shoot that Aya and the crew let me keep for myself when we shot it in November! I look insane in all of them, and you can see A.J's arm in one of them. I was fondling his Comme des Garcon sweater for a good part of the day. I'm not a label whore of course not stop looking at me like that im breaking out into a sweat ackkkk

It was fun to shoot, I slump my shoulders and my ankle twitched a lot so they were all like "Corpse ankle! Corpse ankle! Old man shoulders! STRAIGHT, WOMAN." I am only exaggerating slightly. But in all seriousness, it was surreal. Evonne and Naomi and Aya and A.J and everyone who participated, you are (insert adjective of your choice here).