11 February 2009

My secret lover Anon (secret loverrr~ thats what u r~) kindly requested that I bestow upon you all my "epicness" in outfits. Truth be told mostly all I've been wearing was black, lace, sheer, and red, in any which order and amount.

The tights are from Elizabeth the Epic from when I visited her at her office. They are fascinating and I stared at them for most of the day. They remind me of spiderwebs up close. Wearing them with my crinoline from ebay, prada skirt, lace top my mom made, hanes t-shirt, and my favorite cardigan.

I am not tubby it's the skirt not being tucked in right / shirt not being tucked in right shut up it was nicer before >>

I took these pictures at the public library I go to to attempt to study / make fun of Abigail when she's working. Can you spot my Jew? She's in plaid.

And now I must return to SLEEPING and Dear School Gang Leader and Kaichou wa Maid Sama! I am so into manga I may just force you all into reading my recommendations, which would consist of pretty bishounen boys and shows about old men and bread and alien Jimi Hendrix. Mmm, alien rock stars.