05 September 2013

ann yee ss2014

I'm laying low this NYFW but I asked my friend Tayler (who you will likely grow to recognize on this blog in the future, just a hint) to snap some pics of Ann Yee's presentation for me because I couldn't make it at the last minute. I really love Ann Yee's work and try to make it every season so it was really important to me that if I couldn't go myself, I could still get material for ze blog for posterity. Here are Taylor's snaps of the presentation.

I way prefer artistic, chill presentations like this to shows, though I get why people fall over themselves to go to a runway show -- it's what we think of when we think of fashion, a lot of the time. Still, something to be said about having the luxury of just seeing babes being babely without flashing bulbs distorting the colors or the fast pace of the runway or people's iPads blocking your view of the clothes. After many seasons of NYFW (I think this may mark my 11th...wow) I know what I like in fashion, and that is the luxury of slowing down to taste the flavors. Might just be I'm waiting for the next big New York designer to lure me in. It's time for a new babe to get the nod from Ms. Wintour, don't you think?


petal and plume said...

what a stunning collection! i adore your blog!

mariah serrano said...

These clothes are really clever, and that's not an adjective I get to use too much. I love the window pane print and double collar situation.

Jess said...

I love this outfit! The different shapes are so interesting, i love the crazy top with the sheer skirt xx


Ana The Zeka said...

His shoes.

The illest.

That is all.

Rosalinda said...

You look amazing! xx


Bethany Rose said...

Eep that comme dress <3 In terms of distortions I have a scrap book which is basically just x rays-I have scoliosis-so my spine is shaped like an S(!) and pictures of comme's strange silhouettes. Ok now I've typed that up that sounds ridiculously creepy, oh dear :S

And yay I lived down the road from brick lane for my 2nd year at csm ^^ Beigel bake is the bestest, nomnom <3

Your blog has definitely inspired me to consume less but better, I have a gross amount of fast fashion and ugly impulse buys and that needs to change pronto. I think it's a matter of confidence in your own taste, as much as anything :)

Hope you're having a lovely day



Ria Michelle said...

But how can you not recycle when that dress is such a fucking dream. If I couls just wriggle a body part up in that I'd be so happy. Perfection. I actually really like the quality of these photos or I guess the mood. I'm still in shock that you can shoot with your phone. I've done it before and it wasn't too shabby actually and no one was the wiser. I'd just prefer not to cuz you know I have an iphone. >_>

The Minx said...

I was at this presentation! It was totally great, and the blonde model in the 2nd photo was giving me so much life haha. I'm just obsessed with her knitwear.

Nadia said...

I love the outfit. I found this through your article on CDG via Rookie Mag which was a very interesting read :) x