03 September 2013

a trip to tatty devine

I was so excited to go to London not only to visit my best friend but also pop by to visit some brands and designers I have loved and worked with for awhile. Tatty Devine is one of them, I have admired their work for a long time and was so bummed when my schedule didn't work out when they came to the States a few months back to visit.

 When they heard I was visiting London for a few days they invited me to one of their stores and made me some necklaces. It was really fun to watch the process in person and also to watch customers buy in store. I'm a creep and love all aspects of consuming -- I love looking at linesheets and markups, and wholesale prices, and development processes, and seeing people take time and decide what to buy, too. Being a fashion blogger has given me privileged access to many aspects of the industry and it's never not fun to see every side. Customers at Tatty know exactly what they want and buy very quickly! It was a different experience than I've seen in most jewelry stores, I was really surprised.

Their famous eyelash glasses are some of my favorite glasses of all time, and you know how I feel about glasses. 

Would have loved the Frida necklace even more if they kept her unibrow. 

I got to make my own name necklace & phrase necklace during my visit for free, which was incredibly sweet of them. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted but in the end I think my choices will surprise no one that vaguely knows me, haha. 

See what I mean? So predictable haha. I bought a cute card while I was there, too, as a souvenir. I rarely document my daily life so I thought this post might be interesting, I haven't done a store visit post in years (remember my vintage store guides? probably should update those, they're circa 2008). If you're in London soon you should stop by their stores and say hi for me.