02 March 2013

The Space Between

Everyone needs change once in awhile. I think it was a culmination of a lot of things, but as soon as I got into the stylist's chair at ARROJO I knew I wasn't going to get the same haircut I get every time I visit (this is the haircut, fresh and shiny). Topher understood and gave me something vastly different and I think it was a step in the right direction as to where I want to go aesthetically. When I get too comfortable with something, I get bored and I live for a challenge.

I took these photos really quick before class and after getting back from filming a project in the city so I didn't get the opportunity to really mug for the camera my new haircut. Here is a proper picture of it.

So: outfit details: Converse Sunglasses (c/o). I think they looked better on me with longer hair but I'm still going to wear them. Vintage red leather jacket (previously seen here) was a lucky find in Long Beach. Disco pants because comfort is queen. I've been wearing it constantly, I wish I had it in every color. It's definitely shaped how I get dressed. Figured since I've been basically wearing this outfit all of the time I'd find you guys some options as to where to get this stuff yourself: There are high/low options for each item.

I'm pretty stoked on how my style has abruptly changed post-fashion week. I'm just very into exploring a more androgynous version of myself, long hair lends itself to uber feminine effortless stuff and I'm kind of bored by that. I can look pretty in my sleep, I'd rather look kind of intimidating! We'll see where it takes me I suppose.

Hope all is well.