26 March 2013

scraps of poetry

Tookan impromptu break from blogging for a lil' to really get the most out of my spring break, no regrets. I like documenting things but some things should just be savored without having to carry a camera around and then worry about editing later, ya dig? I did not engage in any Spring Breakers / Harmony Korine level antics, don't get any ideas (though I advocate for girls ruining things for everybody all of the time, forever). Here are some things I've currently been obsessed with that I discovered I liked since I've been away. 

  1. As a beauty blogger and brand consultant (I am now available again for phone or in-person consulting for both brands and for people to revamp their makeup collection, just a note) I consider it my job to be up to date with everything. I don't like MUFE lipstick packaging at all and their foundations have not reeled me in yet, but this lipgloss!!! Here is a swatch of it with other things during my last visit. It's so beautiful.
  2. Re-reading Just Kids by Patti Smith, and also a lot of poetry in general. Actually, I'm spending more time actually reading zines and stuff about anxiety, loneliness, design, rather than internetting and I feel a lot more inspired. I do a whole lot of nothing on the internet sometimes when I could and should be creating.
  3. I've always liked these Miu Miu's but now I really want 'em for summer. Would be perfect with a vintage dress or high waisted denim, you know? 
  4. My lingerie-collecting hobby has gotten really serious in the past year; I just purchased this Stella Balconette Bra off of THE OUTNET for 50% off. They have plenty of sizes left, and it was only $35 which is like 1/3 of the price of every other bra I have been drooling over, so I'm happy about that. Speaking of lingerie -- I'm going to be hosting a Google Hangout with The Lingerie Lesbian this Saturday at 3pm EST. You're welcome to join!
  5. Bought some Mario Badescu products off of Hautelook last sale and I am very impressed by this item in particular. I stopped using toner awhile ago and this has done a nice job as a replacement, I think it does more than toner. 
  6. Right now I'm using a Graftobian palette (Neutral #1) but I want this one specifically because of the green which would be great to counteract redness.
  7. You probably know I'm a big fan of OCC, and this lip tar was formulated in collaboration with one of their long time employees (and irl beautiful person) January for her gender correction surgery. 100% proceeds go to that and it's a beautiful color. Get it here.
  8. Visited Jeffrey's the other weekend to play with beautiful things and I'm smitten with this perfume. I am obsessed. I carry the perfume sampler with me EVERYWHERE. I MUST HAVE IT. 
  9. Flats forever. 
So! to reward you for getting through this post of wishing, and also as a #treatyoself gift, I have a $50 Amazon Giftcard to giveaway, sponsored by Appliances Online. Thank you Rebecca!

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Short giveaway turnaround because I want to be able to announce the winner during the Google Hangout I'm doing on Saturday with Caro. More about that here. See ya then. x