05 August 2012

The Gondola

I decided to take my camera along with me today because I usually don't -- it's just too big to lug everywhere, really. I went to Maokung Gondola with my friend Stefanie, and we walked around the mountain, ate and drank overpriced waffles and tea and I almost died from food poisoning slash constipation slash I don't even know and then we hitched a ride with a stranger to get back to the Gondola, which was probably really dangerous, but I'm still alive, so that's good!!!!

None of my friends here know how to take blog photos, god bless them, I can't wait to go back home in large part cause I miss my favorite photographer and makeup buddy Massiel. Luv u gurl. Anyway, here are photos I took on the Gondola and while we were walking around the mountain. They look very pretty if you click them!!

Ok, I'm going to go be sick some more. The program I'm in is almost over so I'm going to have 2 weeks here to myself before I have to go back to Rutgers -- literally the day I fly back to New York, I have to pack to go to my dorm!! It's going to be a nightmare. But I'm going to spend a lot of time alone here relaxing and probably taking lots of pictures of my private adventures so you will see more of Taipei through my eyes. I hope you are well and happy and healthy, cuties. Bye!