10 August 2012

Wenwu Temple

I've been traveling through the rural area of Taiwan the past few days as a wrap up to the program I'm in visiting really beautiful places and I have concluded that even though Taiwan and my Asian heritage is absolutely breathtaking, I am a New York brat through and through and I miss home so much. Being homesick sucks, though I have beautiful temples and ceilings to distract me. A lot can be said about the buildings I've been visiting the past few days, but pictures speak louder than words, and I'd rather watch shows on Hulu anyway. Here are some pictures from Wenwu Temple, which is on Sun Moon Lake. I beg that you click the photos to view them in their full glory. I think any outfit I could possibly post wouldn't even compare, so I'm not going to bother. 

Every temple I've visited thus far has been  entirely hand-painted and hand carved and they didn't use nails to build it. I didn't know people's jaws could actually drop, but my jaw hurts from dropping so much. 

Wenwu Temple was my favorite one to visit so far, though I visited another one today that brought me to tears. They didn't allow photos in the one I visited today anyway so I wouldn't be able to share regardless. Anyway, I hope you are well and happy and whole. Much love.