29 July 2012

almost there

This is going to be a jumbled post just cuz I wanna have a more completed anthology of my current adventures here. I figured I'd let you in on a little on my little vacation from real life.


This was last week at the Taipei Zoo. I dress more casual and conservative here, though I'm slowly reverting back to my leather, monochrome & librarian dominatrix habits because I can't help it and I'm getting more used to the weather. The fashion here is incredibly Cute with a capital C, perpetually adorable, and it got a little old after about 2 weeks of nonstop exploring. My shorts here are from my grandmother, they have little bows on them -- pretty decent representation of the style here. Cute. Now I'm more inclined to wear my Actual Clothes and not what my family here buys me. It's funny how obvious my decision and style is different from what they'd like me to wear! I mean, the above outfit, is very 'normal', and I chose it on my own, it's a 'normal' version of me, just not one I would wear anywhere else. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, "All of me is real." It's very true. And I think about it often. Anyway. This is what I wore yesterday:

Sorry for the shitty camera phone picture, I don't carry my DSLR around because then it means I have to play bitch for everyone in my program and I'm not up to playing unpaid photographer for people I don't wholly like. That isn't to say I'm not having a nice time. I am very fond of my friends here and I'm not one to focus my energy on hating people. That being said, there are definitely a few I'd push into the lion's cage at the zoo if I could get away with it. Maybe. Just kidding. Maybe.

This is what I've been doing with my hair the past few days, though sometimes the curls are just gigantic and random and not so nice. The heat fucks up my hair and turns it into a gigantic green Medusa situation, but I don't mind. 

And this is where I went today. 


Vanessa said...

Cool pics. Love both outfits. I wish I was daring enough to dye my hair green, only did a strip. XD

Jasmine Nicole said...

You lOok beautiful! Love that hairstyle so cute

jin ai said...

ah the Cute/asian family trying to dress you is such a thing in korea as well...I was so happy to discover that old korean people wear clothing that's more my style but nobody believes me when i say i'm shopping for myself.

i like the notion that every part of you is still you. what program are you doing in taiwan?

Rosalie Green said...

I love your style-really. I just added your blog to my Inspiration-blog-list (sounds stupid) on the right side of my blog (www.rockslita.com). It's because I want to let you know that your blog is really inspiring and I wanted to share it with more girls! xoxo

Kaiami said...

I just got back to the states today after a couple months in Taiwan. Your hair looks neon in the pictures. It's so cool! I bleached my hair to dye it silver but it faded to blond and my family in Taiwan weren't very happy about my hair being not-black..

Izumi said...

are you kidding i love your hair with the curls! it is adorable~

Delia Salsabila said...



Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love both outfits! Your hair is cool!
I went to the place before! It was like so many years ago, but I remembered how beautiful it is! x


ALCOHOLS said...

ooo you have the best hair! x

Krystel said...

I can totally relate to the camera thing. Whenever I take my camera out, my family gets the sudden urge to pose in every corner. Most of the time I just lie and say that I don't have any space in my memory card left...

I love your shoes. When you wear them, do you ever feel like you could just fly away?

☆☾☆☾☆☾☆☾☆☾ said...


Meg & Mels @OECB said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Love this outfit!


Lindsay said...

Your style is so adorable! You must be so confident to dye your hair that color, and positively for you it looks FAB!

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...


Queen Bee of Beverly Hills said...

I love your hair in the high, side ponytail! Too cute!

Jessica Buurman said...

Lovely Pics .. I like your hair style ..


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