21 July 2012


So I'm not dead! I'm really ill on and off, but I'm not dead, so that is GOOD. Anyway, I thought I'd show you my outfit from today because I'm wearing a new shirt and whatever. I don't carry around my DSLR because it's too big to fit into any of my purses and I always feel weird asking my friends to take my photos (also I'm super controlling with photos) but I sucked it up and made my friend take one just now in the hallway. The lighting was terrible so I just put myself in the ocean.

And just so you can see me in actual, non-horror movie lighting, here is me in a selfie wearing the same outfit, but closer so you can see my makeup. (Different day, same outfit, because I'm gross)

I am wearing a new blouse and hair clip I got at Camden Market (it's a little store in Shilin Night Market), a vintage skort,  shoes c/o Wanted, bag c/o Rebecca Minkoff. 

I'll try to be better with outfit photos actually around the city -- I want more evidence I've been here! -- in the next few weeks, if I'm feeling more healthy and not like I want to throw up all the time. Anyway, hope you are all in better health than I am & that you are happy and safe and stuff. Much love.