31 October 2011

You guys know how I feel about big, shiny colorful statement necklaces from my previous accessories post [Neck Me]. Really into this designer,  Allison Hessert, and specifically this piece on Closetista. I like morbid skull and bones things to adorn my fingers if I even bother putting on jewelry (I don't as much anymore), so I also like her Lone Star Skull Ring. Reminds me of my dad's Lone Star painting he has above his bed that used to creep me out as a child but now I love as dearly as any of the other weird things we have in our house.  

I realized how much I love dark, creepy spaces the other day, probably because they remind me of home.. We have a lot of antiques and weird furniture in our house (you might remember previous outfit posts in my living room which oddly resembles a pirate ship) and the living room doesn't get the best light so a lot of the time, all of the pretty things are cast in shadows or in complete darkness. I don't find it creepy, I dunno, I find darkness kind of gleeful. I am more productive at night, too. Essentially, I am a vampire and I am going to kill you. Fear me!!!!

Have a nice Halloween you guys.