26 October 2011

psychobabble and witchery

So. much. to. do. My google calendar is my bible and guiding light, I honestly don't know how I'd live without it organizing and reminding me of my deadlines and class schedule and all the jazz. How's your October been? I've been on my feet the whole month - back and forth from the city to class, documentary editing (UGH) and watching documentaries with friends (YAY), zining and basement shows, midterm papers, endless exams. Sleep is for the lucky, not the weak. I'm super excited for this weekend though, Halloween is the best holiday and I couldn't wait to get into the witchy spirit because it's kind of my vibe on a daily basis anyway and I can just be even more witchy now and be considered festive. What're you guys being for All Hallows Eve? I hope you're having fun. I'm doing a new zine on sexuality and invisibility I'll probz put online when I'm done, I think you guys will like it.

See you soon! x

Tulle Jacket: Goodwill. Rodarte Sequin Dress: Goodwill Striped Tights: IDK Red Glittery Shoes: Sex store? Can't remember which.