03 January 2010

chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool




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no. Just kidding. I was walking to the mail box today with some letters and zines I was sending to people and I saw -- blasphemies of all blasphemies, sins of all sins -- a comme bag on the side of the road. I mean what! Ran over and torn. So obviously I picked it up and brought it home (after checking if the actual clothes were anywhere to be found as well.. >___>)

I was listening to this at the time and now considering the MV is all about a stalker fangirl being a stalker... it felt like an oddly appropriate soundtrack.

But you know whats crazy, I mean besides me picking up a peice of trash just cause it's the trash derived from Rei Kawakubo's label? The fact SOMEONE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD HAS COMME AND I DON'T. Someone who passed by my house. I'm going to find you and rape your closet, whoever you are. Be afraid.


keisha the fashionista said...

haha poor arabelle lolz next time i visit my dad in jersey, i'll bring u some comme mmmhmmkay? lolz :) did u ever master the abracadabra dance btw

katthroatworld said...

hahaha! oh, arabelle. i was about to congratulate you on your first cdg piece, but.. you're hilarious. the bag must be a sign, though. cdg will soon be yours. :)

Sarah K. said...

hahaha, hilarious

Marina said...

oh no! haha that is so funny what a memento!! i wonder what was originally in that bag...

Pia said...

haha! i too wonder what goodies were inside that bag!!

Lucy in the Sky said...

how odd! I'd also keep that bag for myself, ripped and soiled or not.

Gabriela said...

OMG! who did that!? If it was mine I'll probably keep the bag safe in my room forever lol, I wonder what was in the bag hmm...

joy said...

It would have been great if you had found something wearable underneath the bag.


diane said...

The song has a nice "feel" to it. I've never heard it before, but I like it.
Shame about the bag, glad you made the most of it. You funny girl.

lovestylefree said...

lmao what. seriously that was annoying. i always keep the bags when i buy, and it's comme after all. what.
i agree it must be a sign haha

(yeah epik high, i love tablo sfm. his twitter is so active i feel like we're friends haha)

trina's reality said...

On the street? Too lucky! Keep an eye out, because that person is probably going to leave another one on the street. ;]

the StReeT chanteuse said...

"I'm going to find you and rape your closet, whoever you are. Be afraid"
favourite quote of ever.
thank you for yer ~intellectualism.....

Kimmi Miao said...

So sad

Mimi said...


cavaan said...

im pretty sure i laughed out loud because i actually pictured you running and all... and looking for the clothes. hope you had a good new year xx

Taj said...

this blaspemous bastard must be found and burned at the stake!!!!(and then closet raped)

Betsy said...

http://betsy-haier.blogspot.com/-FASHION BLOG!!!

(always)alanna said...

i think this is the greatest thing i have ever read on my life.
and if my bank account wasnt completely drained, i would totally go buy you a cdg piece right this second because this post deserves such greatness

Vintage is hot! said...

wow your so lucky that you found that bag, I'm jealous ..



Emmy said...

even the BAG is pretty. Ugh. Why is Comme so epic?

I just bought a crazy Comme sweater for THIRTY BUCKS on ebay. Seriously, go check ebay out, there's LOADS of good stuff for cheap...because apparently people just don't appreciate Rei's awesomeness.

Michele said...

Holy shit that's sick. No I'd probably do the same thing. Hang it on my wall or something like a real failure.

Catherine said...

Haha. good job. good job. maybe they did it on purpose :p

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

ha ha...imagine there had been clothes in it! That would of been ace. Love your blog, please check out mine

Molly Rose said...

awesome! I'd have done the exact same thing! hope next time there's something in it.

Frances895 said...

wow. I find it REALLY AMAZING that I heard the exact lyrics of the fresh prince theme song on the tv at the EXACT same time i was reading your post. trippy. HI! I havn't commented on your blog before!

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CDG *FreeLoader* said...

What The Hell?! This is totally a cruel prank. Somebody who cyber stalks you (Not me. Like I could even afford that torn comme bag) set this all up

Kyan Blue said...

YES EPIK HIGH! I shall commence fangirling.

Frame the bag. It's obviously fate. In 2010, you are destined for another close encounter with Comme des Garcons. ;)

(P.S. This is my first time commenting here, although I've read a while. I just had to say something about the bag fragment!)

my empty closet said...

you are too funny. (i would have done the same thing tho to be honest haha) love the blog !!

caro. said...

oh man i laughed so hard at this!!!

Fashion By He said...

love your site!!!

link exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Kathleen said...

A Comme des Garcons bag lying in the road? Hah, that's a crime against humanity.

Ivania said...

hahahaha! such a great post, you should frame that bag

Phiephie + Minnie said...

Haha I wonder what they bought...if only it had been left in the bag for you! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow us too :)


Hana said...

EFFING BROADBAND INTERNET. Won't load the photo. I am crying on the inside.

Its a sign, you're getting closer and closer to CDG everyday..

In-tree-gue said...

commes bags are not meant to be left on the floor

kate said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! god you make me laugh, will you check out mine ?



AmandaBelle said...

I actually burst out laughing when i remembered this post during dinner last night! everyone was staring at me as if I'm some kinda of insane weirdo. ;)

louise or valentine said...

i want one of those winter jackets.
you know the ones, with the flannel and the army color.
imma steal one, do you want in on this crazy heist dream of mine?

Soooali said...

So excited for you, wish I was that lucky!

MarishkaRI0tkhsiram said...

Ahhhh goush. When I saw the Comme des garcons bag I don't know why but I immediately started thinking of the song Comme des Enfants by Coeur de pirates >.>


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