31 August 2014

Drake, LACMA, SXSW & Me: Join!

While I was in L.A in July (late June? Jesus, time flies) shooting some projects, I happened to make friends with the amazing team at LACMA and they took Tayler & I on a tour of the place through their eyes. We spent a few hours eating healthy pizza -- L.A is absurd -- crying internally over our favorite impressionists, and posing with the art for truly epic Snapchat opportunities. We topped of the visit with a trip to the James Turrell Retrospective and got to take selfies in it, too.


I loved visiting LACMA especially when guided by such a chill team who recognized that my generation -- our generation -- view art as interaction opportunities for exploration and identification. Art is lived, y'all. And the technologies we use to view it -- and share it -- change the meaning and intent of an artist's creation.  ("Suddenly the Koons is me....") I love how LACMA uses Snapchat and Twitter to connect with visitors and I wish more museums and art spaces would take lessons from them. We talk about art all the time... but when it talks back, things get really interesting. 

So it is with great pleasure that I can say that I'm supporting LACMA in their mission to get to SXSW to host a panel about the future of art museums and tech! They want to bring a presentation and panel to SXSW 2015 that questions how museums harness tech to bring a better experience, and how we can make young guns passionate art creators, viewers, buyers, and experiencers. 

I do believe that this panel would be super dope -- please join me (and Drake, evidently) in supporting LACMA and their journey to revamp the art+tech marriage and vote for their Interactive Panel for SXSW15! Voting closes September 5th. Thanks babes.