12 April 2011

this is not an outfit post.

I have too many clothes, but I still want more. Drooling over the clothes in these etsy shops:


Thanks for the emails and comments on the last post (I'm still reading them, I've read all the emails, but haven't responded to them all yet)! It's enlightening to hear about how you treat fashion and makeup. Speaking of makeup, I've started a makeup tumblr the other day with my friend Chi-Chi. BECAUSE I AM NOT ON THE INTERNET 24/7 ANYWAY. I noticed that a lot of beauty blogs/tumblrs only really represent blonde haired blue eyed fashion models and I didn't like it so I am trying to show different faces.

Also, my friend Ria sent me a belated birthday present the other day from her shop. None of the photos I took were satisfactory besides this one, but if you follow me on twitter you know what these shoes look like because I twitpic'd them the other day. Some of you asked where I got them, so I asked her to hook you up with a discount on the store so if you want them (they should be in stock soon) you can get them for 15% off using the code FASHIONPIRATE. This applies to the whole store btw.


Posting is gonna be more sporadic than usual until school is over because I've got a lot of final papers to write, but hopefully I'll crank out some good stuff before you all forget me hahaha. In any case, I made a playlist awhile ago and if you haven't listened to it, here ya go. I dunno why I called it smoke n study because I don't smoke but it seemed fitting.

I'm in class right now (oops) so I'm gonna get back to that. I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'll be putting some more stuff on shop pirate in the coming weeks because I'm planning to edit down my closet. I'll let you know when it happens. xxxxx