08 April 2011

let's talk about things

Super attractive screencap face, I know. Also, I apologize for the scrappy  lighting, it was the first and only time I filmed in non-natural lighting sooooooo. I was a little nervous at first as you can tell because I don't want to misspeak but bear with me.

I was reluctant to make a video on feminism (so it's not completely about that) because it's kind of a constant learning process -- my view and knowledge of it's history and many branches expands and changes every day, so if I were to try to discuss feminism in one video it'd instantly become dated because my view has changed a little bit. So I'm not going to be talking about feminism as a political theory until I feel more confident in it. Besides, this is a fashion blog first and foremost. Right now, I just wanna know about YOU and what fashion makes YOU feel.

 I've already gotten a bunch of wonderful and poignant responses through email and on the youtube page but it is only right to post the video here too. Hopefully after watching this you'd like to leave a comment here discussing your relationship to fashion -- in my next video I'll break it down into more specific questions because the private response was so good -- but ummm yeah. This was primarily directed to my female readers because it deals with makeup and things that are typically feminine but the same questions can be applied to others when you replace makeup with something overtly male. Activities or objects that represent gender ideals like makeup and 'manly' things like sports (since it's male dominated?) do you actively participate in them and would you if you weren't male/female/non-binary/genderqueer? Why, do you suppose?

These are topics I think about all the time, and I've filled up a bunch of journals delving into my relationship with it all but I just wanna see what you guys make of it all. :)