01 December 2009

hey guys yet another post on asians, aren't i varied and interesting in my obsessions

Moping about not getting the scholarship I worked on for a couple months, don't feel like talking much right now (note: not asking for sympathy! do not console me!) and instead will dump some outfits I've been munching on for the past couple days. Don't remember where I got the pictures from -- I go through 30~ Asian Street Style blogs every other day.



head to toe CdG (with a splash of Margiela), obviously I wanted to mug this person for their outfit.

I'm just a sucker for drape and nude and full length skirts. call me predictable?

I'm not a bag person as you all probably know (have I ever done a bag post? there was just this close call with this Lanvin bag I passed up at Sims before I got into fashion and now I have broken up with bags out of humiliation and guilt.) but this is a pretty dope bag.



Becca Jane said...

I LOVE LOVE that hat in the second photo

emily said...


Caitie said...

Your obsession is understandable. I was in Japan this summer. Incredible! Tokyo... was stunning. And the people dress so fabulously. Got lots of fun pieces there!

Mimi said...

I find your obsessions for asians so cute! That black and white bag along with those boots are amazing! Great post and pictures.

Isabel said...

This was the best feelings dump ever. Asians are the best.

Arabelle said...

You find it cute? I find it sad, but I've always been obsessed I just think Im showing it more on the blog because fashion as a whole isn't interesting to me right now, just asians. also they are qt.

katthroatworld said...

great photos! people in asia have great style!


Emily said...

what is it about the japanese that makes (some of) them so gutsy when it comes to fashion? i envy them...

mikaela said...


the first photo makes me so happy :)
asian power ftw

samantha ezra. said...

these are adorable! don't see alot of people dressed like this where i come from though


Emma said...

I love the shoes at the bottom! They are adorable, and the big bow at the top is cute too. I have a fetish for bows! What asian street style blogs are your favourites?

lisa said...

so beautiful. love the last picture - the contrast of the pink skirt with those boots. amazing sense of style!


louise or valentine said...

this makes me wanna go back through my fruits books and have tons of posts dedicated to it. as well as find photos of me when i dressed up decora style.

i love the cdg outfit. too great.

Aurora said...

oh the japanese people... u gotta love em

Mhmmm said...

every one should be obsessed with Asians. They're awesome and always have the best clothes!

Pina Colada Kisses said...

Check out my posts on Geisha and asian fashion styles

Karen said...

Seeing that I'm asian myself, I feel quite awkward saying this but anyway I love Asian fashion.... guys in America need to dress better :-/

Would you link me your favorite Asian street style blogs? (BTW, I love your blog, even w/ the whole Asian posting obsession ;D)

Arabelle said...

i'll do a post on my favorite asian street blogs hopefully this week (no promises, you know how i am with promises) since you guys are asking. :)

Dannie said...

pleeease spill on the japanese street fashion sites, i loove these looks! esp. the first one, i too am i japanses street fashion addict!

Hana said...

No worries. I love all things Japanese. We're like soul sisters.

Fungus said...

yesssss so fresh.

talia&lilyrose said...

I just love these outfits ,these asian are fabulous !!

diane said...

When I look at these photos, I can see where you draw a lot of your inspiration for your outfits.
The second one looks just like a little doll, doesn't she?

*I'm so glad that you are a quiet rebel and still blogging when you can. Keep the faith sweetie. xo d

the guilty hyena said...

Looove Asian fashion, look the hat beret :)

@ The Guilty Hyena †
@ The Guilty Hyena †

shewearsclothes said...

Love them Timbs with those lace-top socks.

I mean I do lace top socks all the time, but jesus! The lace on top of mine is a JOKE compared to those.

Also, Asians? I'm gonna go on ahead and say that they are the coolest race.

Rachel said...

oh man, the boots with, are those frilly socks? in that last photo are amazing! so is the giant bow in the first. and that little ruffly detail in the all black outfit.

ANA MATTOS said...

that bow is the best!!!

Shopper said...

Amazing photos. That bow is genius!

Anonymous said...

THAT BOW. I'm so jealous of people in countries like Japan. There isn't such a tradition of conformity there, unlike northern NJ where I'm always floating in a sea of UGGs, Hollister, and Longchamp bags.

sorry about the scholarship. I'm a senior so I feel your pain. good luck in the college search :)

Eleanor said...

AHhhh all those outfits are so amazing, I'd give anything to go to Japan for some people watching.

Rebecca said...

Love the giant bow. Wish I could pull it off without looking like a Lolita wannabe.
Also, (not offering sympathy here), but the worst part about scholarships and application is all the crappy work and often time you have to invest in them. I hate that part of "higher education." It's laaaame.

fayeee said...

dont mope, cheer up chuck
something better will come along :)

Vinda Sonata said...

the proenza schouler boots in the final picture rocks!! i'd kill to own one!! ;)


Emily said...

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trina's reality said...

I just love how the pictures are zoomed it--its easier to admire the clothing ;]

recruitment new Zealand said...

The first photo with the lady on a polka dotted bow tie looks like mini mouse.

Brisbane jobs said...

I’m not really into bow ties on my outfit. I’m more on a Goth like fashion.

CMA said...

gorgeous as always darling
love it, great inspiration
thanks for sharing

check out my blog @

Panda said...

I totally agree, aisians have such brilliant style - its unfair... Oh, ad i actually love your blog. its awesome. *follows it*
That bow is amazing, i need one =)
Panda xx

Panda said...

I totally agree, aisians have such brilliant style - its unfair... Oh, ad i actually love your blog. its awesome. *follows it*
That bow is amazing, i need one =)
Panda xx

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I really love the hat!
-The Trendy Fashionista

La Société de Mode said...

all of these asians are so inspired! seriously though it's almost amazing that these outfits are even possible. I'd really like to mention you on my blog


- La Société de Mode

Bailey Morrison said...

I featured your blog on my blog today: http://www.blackandwhitecollage.blogspot.com


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv those soles, they're solely FABULOUS like this post!:))

amy said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

new year wishes sms said...

its looking really very handsome here. i like all the pictures thanks for sharing this with us.

Anna Jane said...

I want to know where asians go shopping for all this amazing stuff!

I love those boots in the last photo. and that tweedish hat!!

- Anna Jane xxx

heart charlie said...

These photos are inspiring me to embrace my Asian-ness and be more adventurous in my outfits :)

Dorothy Rimson said...

Yeah yeah...Really fabulous designs...

engagement rings said...

Nice pictures....I loved the second photo...They are natural..The expressions are just fabulous...

Marika said...

I love the colors - so calm and nice!
gentle, lovely


michelle_ said...

love the girl with the bow !
checkin asian stree blog is one of my daily things to do as well . i ALWAYS get inspirations from there .

great post as usual :)

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
dont forget to enter my 2nd blog giveway here

Bridget said...

those are some rad head pieces!

Molly Rose said...

fabulous pics. personaly i think anything fashion related to come out of japan is garunteed genius/droolworthy, im always posting japanese designers and street style!

the clothing project said...

beautiful stuff.
happy holidays.

the clothing project


Betsy said...

cool blog!!!

World War Samurai swords said...

Fashion Makes The Life Beautiful.

John Malvin said...

Asian style is so great. One can find lots and lots of inspiration looking at photos of Harajuku fashion of Tokyo.

Utility Trailer Parts Sale said...

What A Good Looking Bag With A Beautiful Color Contrast.!!!!!!!!!!

Microphone Stand Cup Holder said...

The Picture Inspiration is Amazing.

honey beekeeping products tools said...

Fashion Changes The Direction Of Life With Every Manner!!!

Blair Waldorf said...

I adore all those outfits:) I really really like asian girls cause they dress how they want... they don' care what people say... that's so cool:)


London Shirts said...

Love the hats here!especialy the second one!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
amy said...


Heloisa said...

Asian street style´s the best. I love how creative they are!

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

CdG and Margiela ... addictive!

vaxcel lighting said...

Dang that is a big bow.

Twobreadsplease said...

i LOVE that you get the urge to mug well-dressed girls of their clothes too. I really want to be in an asian girl gang, we'd walk the streets while fashionably kicking arse. x

FESI said...

I really love your blog amazing!

Anonymous said...

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Orlando personal injury lawyer said...

That bow is extravagant. I love it.

Aimee said...

love the first picture


Kira xoxo said...

i love that bag!!!!!!!

plz check out my blog and tell me what u think


K8 said...

Dude...Asians have the most eccentric and impeccable style. I've been noticing it more and more lately. There are a lot of Asian's in Pittsburgh because of CMU and Pitt, and they all dress so effing well!! I find myself following them in the grocery store just to look at there shoes. so hey, no problem posting about Asians a lot...I'll still read your blog.

Fashion X K8.blogspot.com

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

i love u're first pic dear...love the bowie..it so cute...


amy said...


Katie said...

ahhh I'm not a crazy bag person either, but I love love love that one! =)


womens wear said...

Great pics! Loving those shoes!

iñaki said...

I think Anna Wintour would've looked like the girl in the first pic if she didn't become that serious.


RUBIE said...

i think that i want to go to tokyo and never leave.
the boots in the last photo are so fucking coooool.


unstoppablestyle said...

AWESOME! i love japanese fashion. those girls are just totally fearless and don't give a damn! if only it were like that in other places in the states besides new york!!!


Nadia said...

I love the first one!
cool blog


prashant said...

Tokyo... was stunning. And the people dress so fabulously. Got lots of fun pieces there!

Make website india

wreckedstellar said...

that bag is pretty ridiculously awesomeee!!

Laura MW said...

Nude + turned-down boots = WIN!


Anonymous said...

Easily I agree but I about the post should secure more info then it has.

Catherine said...

I love that black top with all the folds and stiches!

new jersey personal injury lawyer said...

I love japanese street style. They seriously wear whatever they want!

Crystal Wood said...

Do you think you could post links to some of the Asian street style blogs you visit? I would love to become a reader of some but I haven't found any good ones yet.

Silk Ties said...

I love this sort of style! It's great!

Anonymous said...

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platinum blonde said...

the bow is amazing as is the bag!

AMIT said...

All the pictures i liked it.

lingerie today

eda said...


bravegrrl said...

love the nude drapey dress


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While you may not be 'varied and interesting' in your obsessions, you have some good ones, just like John Safran!

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street is so creative !

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