01 December 2009

hey guys yet another post on asians, aren't i varied and interesting in my obsessions

Moping about not getting the scholarship I worked on for a couple months, don't feel like talking much right now (note: not asking for sympathy! do not console me!) and instead will dump some outfits I've been munching on for the past couple days. Don't remember where I got the pictures from -- I go through 30~ Asian Street Style blogs every other day.



head to toe CdG (with a splash of Margiela), obviously I wanted to mug this person for their outfit.

I'm just a sucker for drape and nude and full length skirts. call me predictable?

I'm not a bag person as you all probably know (have I ever done a bag post? there was just this close call with this Lanvin bag I passed up at Sims before I got into fashion and now I have broken up with bags out of humiliation and guilt.) but this is a pretty dope bag.