12 September 2014

fashion week, collected

Not one to mince words as you well know so I'll keep it short and say this was one of the most uninspiring seasons for NYFW in several years. It ended well though! And I did still have some great times because the people I surround myself with are inspiring. I found ECKHAUS LATTA to be phenomenal -- I stayed for both presentations -- and it was great to see so meet so many wonderful people, both new friends and old (internet) ones. I made the executive decision this season to not bring my camera to shows because I just wanted to concentrate on the clothes for once. And here are the clothes I decided to wear for a few days of shows.

Wearing: Prada Glasses, Etsy Necklace, Choies Dress (similar here)

My heart of hearts Amy Rose. 

Photo from the Village Voice of most of that outfit lol

Photo from W Magazine. I'm wearing head to toe G-STAR RAW, their latest collection. Black and white and red and denim = my uniform at the moment. I could write an epic about all of it, but mostly I can condense it to the fact such simple ideas and schemes can leave a lot of room for subversive moments...which is the best part. I wear white button downs like 4 days out of 5 now. Here's a roundup of everything mentioned here, or at least alternatives:

A random snapshot from Ana Cecilia of a night pre-NYFW, at Fort Consolation. 


Tonia Rose said...

I love the classic montone colour scheme (despite the cute pop of red in your hair). It really has an effortlessly chic effect which is both sophisticated yet super fresh :) <3.


Ana The Zeka said...

It seems uninspiring from behind the screen, too, except for the Gareth Pugh show - at least judging by Style Bubble's coverage.

Miss J. said...

Amazing style!




alice bea said...

Dying to go to nyfw!


Justino said...

May I say I just found your blog and I feel you have the spirit of a young vivienne Westwood I am in love!!!

Tish Baily said...

Totally love this blog!


ems said...

i love the b & w + mens wear inspiration. in love with your blog!