28 April 2014

Most Important Ugly: Opening Reception

Thank you everyone for coming out! So many people have emailed bummed they couldn't make it / wondering if it will be a moving exhibition. We haven't thought about taking it elsewhere yet (cart before horse) but it'll be at American Two Shot for 3 months, about, so those who couldn't swing it have time to visit. To those who did come by -- I love you very much. Thank you for sharing the night with me.

Here are all the photos from the opening that Tink took for us. They're also on Facebook. If you took any at the show please tag it with #mostimportantugly on twitter/tumblr/instagram so we can check it out! We would love to see them.

Most Important Ugly Tinker Coalescing-003-IMG_6434-20140425

Tayler & I with our headlining muse Indigo, who came in her full lady vengeance makeup (I love this picture she took of herself).

Most Important Ugly Tinker Coalescing-034-IMG_6467-20140425

It is nigh impossible to get all my favorite people in the same room together but this picture is proof it is possible!!!

Most Important Ugly Tinker Coalescing-032-IMG_6463-20140425

Shot before the store got way crowded (but in a good way).

The Rookie crew came out also, and Shinji, and so many other people who are bright stars in my universe. I love you all very much.

Thanks to Paper Magazine for the shoutout on the show also -- ugliest art opening of the week, indeed.

Honestly I feel like a broken record saying thank you over and over again but I really am just so grateful. I'll talk more in depth about the show itself and the process that went into it at a later time. For now? I've got a lot of homework to do.